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The 10 best PR agency in Bangladesh


Are you searching for the best PR agency in Bangladesh? You have come to the right page. The Daily Dhaka Times has the perfect list prepared for you. We are contacting you regarding your search for the best PR agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After careful research and consideration, I am confident in recommending our agency as the best choice for your needs. With our extensive experience, strong media relationships, and proven track record of successful campaigns, we are well-equipped to handle all your PR requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.

Each agency offers unique services and expertise to help you build a meaningful market presence for your brand. From strategic media communications to integrated communications solutions, these agencies can provide the necessary support to elevate your brand’s reputation and attract stakeholders. An active PR segment is essential to building a meaningful market presence for every brand. Public relations companies in Bangladesh have expertise in handling the dissemination of information regarding their client’s brands or organizations. They ensure that any adverse event or news affecting the brand’s value is handled wisely and strategically.

To establish a brand in the market and raise its value in the industry, gaining the trust and favor of the public is crucial. The PR agencies in Bangladesh can overcome this by building community relations through various welfare activities that promote the brand positively among the locals. Top PR firms in Bangladesh can provide essential networking skills and strategies that could help your firm generate favorable leads and attract stakeholders like investors and potential customers. To help you avail yourself of these benefits of hiring a PR firm, we have prepared the below list of the best public relations companies in Bangladesh that you can approach according to your criteria. We have compiled a list of the top public relations companies in the country that you can approach according to your standards. What is the top PR agency in Bangladesh? Please find the list below for your reference.

01. Times PR
Times PR is an associate-based public relations agency that draws on the strengths of senior practitioners. Public Relations is among the first and most preferred services of the Times PR team. Clients benefit from this approach in many ways, especially in the contribution seasoned pros can quickly make to their business. Bangladesh has more than 400 newspapers, 30 TV channels, and 1000+ online news media, coupled with digital media. The best public relations agency, Times PR, is here to help you identify suitable media for your organization’s publicity. Times PR can provide contextual, short-medium, and long-term strategic solutions according to your needs. Many of our clients need international media coverage, and TimesPR offers full-service global public relations services, especially in Bangladesh, the USA, and the Indian market. If you plan an international PR campaign, you should work with Times PR. To find out how TimesPR can help your business, please feel free to reach out at info@timespr.com or timesprbd@gmail.com or +88 01711 668221 (WhatsApp). You can visit the Times PR website at www.timespr.com for details regarding complete PR solutions.

02. Impact PR
Humanity will have made more than a million tweets. In this world of information, you may wonder how to slice and dice the planet’s contents. When you leave no stone unturned to build your favorable public image, you ensure your content is planned, well-researched, and brilliantly presented. To take it another step up the ladder, you connect with a network of minds who will pass on your ideas and create the impact you dream of. And you always need to find out where the influence of this integrated communication will stop. This shapes minds, changes policies, and delivers your message with the most significant impact. There goes Impact PR, the first dedicated PR house in Bangladesh, providing all these communication services under one roof.

03. Forethought PR
Through our Stakeholder Dispositional Funnel (SDF), we help you identify the relevant stakeholders and their current impressions and rank them accordingly. You can then make an informed decision about each stakeholder according to the findings of the SDF. Stakeholder Mapping and Classification help us identify stakeholders according to how positive or negative each is towards your organization. Our Reputation Tracking System allows you to see your reputation in the market and plan strategies accordingly to fit the situation at hand.

04. Masthead PR
Masthead PR’s (MHPR) forte lies in delivering cutting-edge, professional consulting services for sustainable growth. This top-tier consultancy effectively contributes to building a thought leader’s image by alleviating risk through strategic media communications, forming inventive campaigns, conducting high-level research, and training with effective stakeholder management. MHPR has a wealth of experts recognized for the breadth of their knowledge and track record of making a difference.

05. Concito PR
Concito is an integrated communications firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Concerto was one of the first public relations agencies in the country, having been formed in 2009, and has since expanded its services to include integrated communications solutions. Our services include public relations, government relations, internal communications, digital marketing, event management, content production, and more. Over the years, Concito has worked with some of the best brands and organizations across various industries. Through a renewed integrated approach, Concito remains one of Bangladesh’s leading names in PR and communications.

06. Benchmark PR
Benchmark PR is a leading Communications Marketing firm that partners with many of the world’s most prominent and emerging businesses and organizations, helping them evolve, promote, and protect their brands and reputations. Benchmark PR Bangladesh’s headquarters are in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Benchmark PR Bangladesh is in the PR sector.

07. Backpage PR
Backpage PR is a boutique public relations and storytelling agency thriving in transmedia storytelling. We take care of all perception-building campaigns for internal and external audiences. Your consultant will assist you in identifying and managing strategic partners and partnership opportunities. We help your brand introduce itself to the target audience and lay the foundation of the brand persona.

08. InfoPower Limited
Our vision is to provide services to clients with the correct information at the right time and with proper communication at the most competitive cost. Build a long-term, value-adding partnership with our clients, with media as the key stakeholder, based on knowledge of their business strategies, imperatives, and needs. Build long-term relationships with our business partners, ensuring that we best meet the client’s needs and our businesses’ goals. With an innovation-driven and impact-oriented approach, we contribute to our valued client’s reputations by devising and maintaining them. Our proven experience, expansive access to diverse knowledge, information, and insightful research enables us to develop and sustain brands intricately.

09. Red Rocket Inc.
360-degree Agency providing brand solutions. Our unique and complete set of marketing, PR, events, and activation expertise powers your brand everywhere. Making Advertising and Media Work for You If you want to fully utilize new creative and advertising tools, networks, and applications for your business and marketing objectives, you’ve found the right partner. We at Red Rocket give your brand an edge and become your counterpart, providing full-circle marketing solutions in advertisements, media, video, PR, Events, activation, and so much more. 24/7, wherever your customer may be, we help you engage them in the most terrific possible way. Our efficient and proactive team navigates your vision in the right direction and turns audiences into loyal customers, ideas into reality, and brands into magical identities. So, ride with us, and we will take you on the most fantastic journey your brand has ever experienced. Hop on board and let your brand take off!

10. RapidPR
RapidPR is the country’s first-ever digital media monitoring organization, monitoring all electronic and print media for 24 hours every day since 2000. With its service excellence, it provides PR solutions and media monitoring services to different defense forces, corporations, the government, non-government organizations, and law enforcement agencies. As the leading PR agency in Bangladesh, Rapid PR provides PR, Event management, and Media monitoring services to its valued clients to help them brand their company positively and promote their products, messages, or activities to consumers, mass audiences, or concerned institutions.

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