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Mahadi Hassan OPU released some new songs


Mahadi Hassan OPU is a famous Bangladeshi YouTuber, singer, musician, and internet celebrity. OPU was born on March 1, 1996, in Cumilla, Bangladesh. He grew up in Cumilla City.

OPU’s passion for singing, acting, technology, and filmmaking has been a driving force in his life since childhood. His curiosity and love for these diverse fields led him to study at Fazlur Rahman Memorial College of Technology in 2011. OPU’s journey took him to Italy, where he continued to explore his interests.

At 16, he made his own identity as a Singer. OPU is used to edit music videos simultaneously for ROMA’s music company.

Opu also made his musical interest come together, after which, in 2018, OPU made a mashup song called “Genjam” that became quite popular. After that, Opu became a musician, keeping his interest in music.

OPU’s creative journey has also led him to explore the world of filmmaking. He has directed several short films, including ‘KHIO’ and Cumillar POLA. His recent releases include a series of new songs showcasing his unique style and creativity. The titles of these songs Are Ami Eka, Comillar Pola, Adhar, and Majhi.

Career: He started as a music video editor, FPV drone pilot, and Facebook content creator in 2016 and is currently involved in the music industry. He is also known as an actor and music director.

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