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Re-commerce startup ExchangeKori launched


A new re-commerce startup, ExchangeKori has been launched by SystemEye Technologies Limited as a full-fledged platform for buying, selling, and exchanging old laptop computers. Anyone can take a used laptop or desktop computer with a warranty from the newly developed re-commerce platform, according to a press release on Wednesday.

If someone wants to exchange or sell an old laptop or desktop, they can register with the platform, providing a photo of the old device and the necessary information. Then, the company will fix the price after verification of the product information. After that, the interested customer can either sell the product or buy a new one by adding the required additional price.

Usually, a customer gets a maximum of a three-year warranty when buying a new laptop or computer. When the warranty period is over, the ExchangeKori platform offers a low-cost upgrade or service.

ExchangeKori platform chief executive officer Rasel Ahmed said Bangladesh has more than 8 million old laptops and desktop computers at individual and corporate levels. “We are working towards a target of 100,000 kg of e-waste management per year. This will reduce the cost of buying computers at the customer level, the environment will be green, and as a result, Bangladesh will enter the circular economy,” he said.

The platform will work to keep these devices operational and reusable, according to the official. ExchangeKori will provide home service apart from outlet-based operations. Details are available on the website at

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