• Ellen-Hussain-Pathao

    If you’re a girl, DO NOT use Pathao to travel

    Ellen Hussain: Today (Sunday, 2nd July 17) at 3:16PM, I called for my first pathao. I was at bashundhara (JFP) with my friends and I needed a ride home immediately because i wasn’t feeling well. I wanted to use an Uber but they were asking for a much higher amount which I wasn’t willing to […]

  • Habibur-Rahman-Misbah-Malaysian airport

    Malaysian airport is a savage hooker kingdom

    Habibur Rahman Misbah: A week’s tour from 28 June 2017 to 6 July 2017, in Malaysia. The tour was part of some Islamic program and the purpose of this tour was to travel. Get out from home on 28th June ’17th evening at 7.15 pm. When Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, then at 8:00 pm By […]

  • Dr. Sanjoy Mandal

    Blood in stools: do you need to be worried about it?

    Q: I have bleeding while passing stools, should I be worried about it? A: Blood in stools is an extremely common aliment and can be seen among people of all ages. On one hand it can occur in large amounts and thus appear very alarming to the patient while on the other hand it can […]

  • Why is the AfD so successful?

    The popularity of the AfD, Germany’s conservative populist party, would wane as the number of incoming refugees dropped off. That was Chancellor Angela Merkel’s assessment in March, shortly before three state elections saw major gains for the Alternative for Germany. It became the second-strongest party in Saxony-Anhalt and, though refugee numbers have since slowed, is […]

  • Touched by Mother Teresa saint!

    Julian Francis : On the day of the canonization of Mother Teresa, I realise how very privileged I am to have known and worked with this wonderful and compassionate person, Mother Teresa. Then aged 23, I first met Mother Teresa in 1968 when I went for a short holiday to Kolkata from Gaya, Bihar, in Eastern […]

  • Must laws protect Sheikh Mujib’s honour and 1971 history?

    Afsan Chowdhury : A law is being passed to regulate the online world and prevent abuse of the internet. Many use it to commit criminal acts, harass, intimidate and blackmail, particularly women. This is a good step and the authorities should be congratulated. The punishments are also more moderate and sensible than before. This is all […]

  • Ban Facebook: Ar koto talbahana?

    Khokon Kamali: I have always used technology as essential to export-import business. You send a detailed work order at night, and by the time you wake up, the client in Europe has processed it using their daytime. Many times, I blessed the inventors of GMT time zones, broadband, Wi-Fi, Skype, messenger, and all the rest. […]

  • Facebook doesn’t kill, so let’s open it now

    Shafquat Rabbee: The honourable State Minister for Posts and Telecommunication Tarana Halim authored a rather interesting op-ed in a leading Bangladeshi daily defending her government’s recent decision to shut down several social networking platforms, including Facebook. This particular move by the government is very significant, given that Facebook is a crucial media for the folks […]

  • An Interview With Amar S. Magon of Payza BD

    Daily Dhaka Times: Amar S. Magon is a charismatic Canadian entrepreneur, doer, and marketer. Previously, he worked at global consulting firm Accenture and has been integral in the startup and growth of multiple technology companies. Currently, Amar is the Chief Marketing Officer of Payza BD (Casada Technology Ltd), an e-wallet provider and online payment platform. […]

  • Bangladesh look to stretch successful home run

    Mohammad Isam, Daily Dhaka Times: Bangladesh currently have the third-best win-loss ratio in ODIs this year after Australia and New Zealand. Zimbabwe have the third-worst, just above Scotland and UAE. Bangladesh have won ODI series against Pakistan, India and South Africa this year, while Zimbabwe recently lost both ODI and T20 series to Afghanistan, at […]

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