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Munna was not in the driver’s seat in the Khilkshet accident


The police are investigating the complaint against the owner of the car in connection with the deaths of three pedestrians after being hit by a car in the capital’s Khilkhet. According to eyewitnesses, the owner of the vehicle, Saifullah Mustafa Munna, was staying in his office at the time of the incident. Analyzing the CCTV footage, the police are also saying the same thing. However, the police also claimed that confusion was being spread in the media about who was in the driver’s seat.

According to the investigation, three pedestrians were killed after being hit by a white Land Cruiser Prado car coming from the airport area on December 27. Khilkhet Thana police seized the vehicle on the spot. The next day, a relative of one of the deceased filed a case in the name of unknown persons at the police station. Later, the police identified the owner of the car and arrested the driver, Nabeel Al Vishal. Later on, in remand, Nabil gave a confessional statement.

Meanwhile, after the incident, some people complained that the owner of the car, Saifullah Mustafa Munna, was in the driver’s seat that day. The news about this is also published in the media.

However, the gatekeeper of Munna’s office said, “Sir came home by car that night. Then I opened the gate, and he went upstairs. After 15/20 minutes, Sir ran. During the landing, he only said that there was an accident.

His office staff said Munna was in a meeting at the office when the incident happened. At that time, he got the news of the car accident on his phone and left the meeting in a hurry. The office had 12 CCTV cameras. He also mentioned that all the records are there. The footage of these CCTV cameras is also in the police station’s collection.

The CCTV footage of the time of the accident shows that the car involved in the accident dropped Munna at his office at 8:38 pm on the day of the incident. Shortly after this, Munna’s phone received the news of the accident. Munna is also seen in the footage hurrying out of the office at that time.

Sheikh Aminul Bashar, officer-in-charge of Khilkhet police station, said that the preliminary investigation proved that Munna was not in the driver’s seat at the time of the accident. We have obtained several CCTV footage, which clearly shows the vehicle owner dropping Munna in front of his office before the accident. He urged not to be misled by any wrong information.


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