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Evaly received 80 thousand orders in its first campaign


Evaly hit the mark on day one with the new ‘Big Bang’ campaign. In the first campaign itself, the company received orders for the sale of more than 200,000 products with more than 80,000 invoices in just 20 hours. In the ‘Big Bag’ campaign, which started on Friday (December 29) night, these products are ordered till 2 pm on Saturday (December 30). However, as before, Evaly has no advertising expenses this time.

The company announced this information in a press release on Saturday. According to the notification, about 1500 vendors are offering their products to resume business with Evaly. Evaly announced the ‘Big Bang’ campaign on Friday. Although the campaign was supposed to start at 10 pm on Friday, orders were opened in the evening after seeing the interest of the customers on social media. Then Mohammad Russell came live on Facebook at 8 pm. Customers ordered more than 80,000 products in about 35,000 invoices before the campaign started at 10 pm.

After some time, the server for Evaly’s new mobile application went down due to customer pressure. After fixing the server, new orders started coming. Evaly’s Big Bang campaign ends on Saturday at 2 pm. A total of over 80,000 invoices have been received till 2 o’clock. Each invoice contains an average of 2 to 3 product orders. As such, in just 20 hours, Evaly received orders for the sale of nearly 2 lakh products. However, compared to Evaly’s previous campaign, there are several differences this time.

Earlier, an extensive advertising campaign was carried out, but not a single taka was spent on advertising this time. Earlier, most products were sold at a loss. But this time, almost all the products have kept a minimal amount of profit.


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