Gulf Air pilot killed by wrong treatment in Dhaka
Gulf Air pilot killed by wrong treatment in Dhaka

Daily Dhaka Times: Gulshan police have not yet filed a case about the death of Gulf Air pilot at the United Hospital in Dhaka, which they say was caused by bad care and carelessness.

The sister of the deceased Gulf Air pilot, Yousef Hassan Al Hindi, a Gulf Air pilot, and her lawyer, Barrister Mahua Morshed, went to Gulshan Police Station to file the case on Tuesday evening.

After staying at the police station for two and a half hours, they came out at 9:30 pm and alleged that the police had declined to lodge any case.

Farman Ali, who was in charge of the Gulshan Police Station, and Newton Das, who was an assistant commissioner for the Dhaka Metropolitan Police in the Gulshan Zone, told them to file a case in a Dhaka court.

“Later, we came out of the police station,” said Barrister Mahua, the counsel of US citizen Tala Elhendi Josephano.

Josephano alleged that the police were helping the hospital authorities cover up her brother’s death. She said that she would continue her legal battle for justice.

Tala Elhendy Josephano, who works for the British government, said her brother Yousef fell ill after arriving in Bangladesh and was admitted to United Hospital on December 14, 2022, where he died.

“I sought the medical documents about my brother’s death from the hospital authorities, but they did not cooperate.” “What they provided were fraudulent documents,” she said.

According to the deceased Gulf Air pilot’s sister, Yousef was staying at the Le Méridien Hotel in Dhaka on December 14, 2022. He was scheduled to operate a Gulf Air flight the following day. He woke up at 2:45 am in his hotel room and got ready for the flight. Then, he started the immigration process at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport around 4:10 am. Later, he fell down and became unresponsive.

He had his first cardiac arrest at the airport. Five minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) helped him get back on his feet, but his blood pressure slowly dropped. Yousef was immediately rushed to United Hospital.

Tala Elhendy Josephano said, “My brother was given drugs and put to sleep during the treatment process.” According to hospital officials, he was treated by Dr. Kaisar Nasir. However, our family did not find the doctor’s name in the medical documents.”

On January 26, 2023, she asked the hospital authorities for medical records and CCTV footage of the day from the hospital. Still, the rules made fun of her and treated her very rudely.

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