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Anti-malware ‘Emsisoft’ launched in Bangladesh


New Zealand-based anti-malware software ‘Emsisoft’ has made its debut in the Bangladeshi market, offering an innovative solution for protecting digital devices against malware and ransomware attacks.

At a press conference held on Saturday, Emsisoft’s local distributor, Bluedot Technology Ltd, announced that the product is now available in Bangladesh, with options for home, business, and enterprise use.

The home version of the software is currently on sale at Tk 555, down from its regular price of Tk 2,850 for 12 months. People who use digital devices are familiar with the term “anti-virus” and “Internet Security”.

However, after the world’s most powerful malware or ransomware attacks, people have started to wonder how well anti-virus software works. Anti-malware software is mainly developed to protect against viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Ismail Hossain, executive director of Bluedot Technology Ltd, claimed that Emsisoft’s anti-malware is the best in the world among cybersecurity service providers, as it checks device security quickly, using minimal RAM and CPU without impacting other important processes on the device.

Emsisoft’s four-layered protection ensures that all online threats are blocked, including phishing and ransomware. He also said users can use the remote-control feature on computers and mobile devices to control this anti-malware.

With Emsisoft, users can scan their computers for malware and viruses in under a minute, and the software will automatically remove any threats detected.

The software is also designed to identify potentially harmful files and quarantine them in a separate folder to prevent damage to the computer.

Additionally, Emsisoft serves as an antivirus, web security, and firewall, providing comprehensive protection for digital devices. Emsisoft anti-malware has four layers of protection that can stop any online threat.

Web protection and browser security (anti-phishing) protect users from harm by cutting off the connection right away if they accidentally visit a malicious website while browsing the internet.

Emsisoft’s ‘Real-Time File Guard’ employs dual engine scanners, including Emsisoft and Bitdefender, to thoroughly scan all files on a computer.

This cutting-edge technology is also supported by AI-powered malware detection, which constantly monitors all files to prevent any malware from altering them.

With this powerful feature, users can rest assured that their files are protected from any potential harm.

Emsisoft’s advanced monitoring system immediately sends alerts and stops malware or ransomware before it can harm a device, making it a highly effective solution for digital device users in Bangladesh.


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