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Case filed with court over gulf air pilot death


US citizen Tala Elhendy Josephano has filed a case with Dhaka Court over her brother’s death due to alleged wrong treatment at United Hospital in the capital.

The court accepted the case filed on Tuesday and directed the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to run further investigations.

The plaintiff accused Prof. Dr. Mohammad Omar Faruq with 10/12 people of United Hospital.

Gulf Air pilot Mohannad Yousef Hassan Al Hindi collapsed at Dhaka airport a while before his flight and was admitted to United Hospital on December 14, 2022, where he died.

In the case, Elhendy stated that United Hospital was on risk of losing its license when five patients died in the fire incident on May 27 in 2020 due to negligence.

“There are many examples of their negligence. The last victim was my brother who was ‘killed’ in cool brain. I demand justice with exemplary punishment in the legal process, including cancelation of license of United Hospital,” she said.

Elhendy claimed that the hospital authorities tried to delay in providing footage of the closed-circuit camera on January 22 when I arrived in Dhaka.

United Hospital denied providing any information. I unearthed the information with self-effort. Elhendy appeared press at Dhaka Reporters Unity on January 30.

Later she went to the Gulshan police station to file a case against United Hospital. However, police didn’t respond to her.

Terming the incident serious, Gulshan police station officer-in-charge Farman Ali and Gulshan zone’s assistant commissioner Newton Das advised Elhendy to file a case in court, police would help if the court gave directive to file FIR with police station.

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