Mother of deceased captain files writ petition in HC against CAAB Chairman, Gulf Air

The mother of deceased Captain Mohannad Yousef Al Hindi today (Monday) filed a writ petition in the HC against CAAB (Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh), Chairman Muhammad Mafidur Rahman, Gulf Air country manager Issa Shaah, and Co-Pilot Khalil Abu Razak for CAAB’s failure and refusal to investigate Gulf Air and also asking CAAB to impose sanctions and penalties upon investigating Gulf Air.

According to the family case statement, The mother has blamed Gulf Air officials and United Hospital as her son, a Gulf Air senior pilot, was killed due to negligence while on duty flying for Gulf Air. Mohannad Alhindi was declared dead on December 14, 2022, while undergoing treatment at United Hospital.

According to the mother, United Hospital delayed and misdiagnosed three heart attacks. On the other hand, Gulf Air didn’t follow FAA rules while assigning Captain Mohannad Alhindi the flight task. The pilot’s heart had 99% blockage.

While addressing a press release, the mother of the deceased captain, Mrs. Samiha, said ”Bahrain and Gulf Air are trying hard to clear their hands off my son’s death by abusing the system of Bangladesh and obstructing justice.”

My son served Gulf Air for 25 years. Why didn’t Gulf Air put United Hospital doctors behind bars? How long do you think you can prevent justice? What are you hiding? He died in his uniform. They killed my soul.” Gulf Air Pilot’s Mother also stated, “Gulf Air and Bahrain, the Muslim Country, are holding my Islamic inheritance from my son’s long years of work as a hostage to extort us from pursuing legal action against them and the doctors, shame.”

“It would have been a different story and tragedy if my son had his heart attack half an hour later in the air, but thank God, he didn’t die while flying their plane. She added that many innocent lives were saved, and this is how Gulf Air repays him. The mother called on Bangladesh’s prime minister to do the needful to ensure justice for her son.

She said, ”I ask PM, mother to mother, to call on your government not to play favorites, not to conspire with Gulf Air and doctors to hide justice, and to ensure my daughter’s safety in Dhaka while seeking justice for my firstborn. My son was serving Bangladeshi people when they killed him; he was your guest.”

“This writ petition has been filed today against CAAB’s failure to follow the Civil Aviation Authority Act, which clearly gives it the power to penalise any airline operator who operates in Bangladesh. Surprisingly, even after a High Court order in a previous writ petition filed by the pilot’s sister, CAAB refused to do any investigation, stating that it had no authority to investigate a foreign airline. Anyone who reads the Civil Aviation Authority Act will know that CAAB’s authority is over all airline operators as long as the incident is in Bangladesh,” said Barrister Saqeb Mahbub, lawyer of Mrs. Samiha.


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