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I am ‘Dhallywood Queen’ because of Shakib Khan: Apu Biswas


From “Koti Takar Kabin” to “Raajneeti,” famous actress Apu Biswas has acted alongside superstar Shakib Khan in over 70 movies in the most glorious ten years of her career. Her co-actor and later husband, Shakib Khan, acquired a name for himself, often adorably referred to as “Dhallywood King” and “King Khan” by his fans.

Apu Biswas, acclaimed for her portrayals on the silver screen, recently said that as Shakib Khan is called the king of Bengali mainstream cinema, as his co-star, she is also referred to as ‘Dhallywood Queen’.

“Well, I am here because of my fans. They lovingly refer to me as ‘Dhallywood Queen,’ it fills my heart with joy every time I hear them call me by this name. Many people think it is something I have made popular, but no, it is always what my fans call me,” said Apu.

“The adoration began somewhere around 2009 or 2010. Shakib’s films were doing well at the box office, and it was just the beginning of his stardom. When he used to come to shoot, the director and producers called him ‘King Khan,’ and even when he arrived late, they said he was as late as a king,” Apu recalled.

“Shakib and I were fan favorites and coupled up in back-to-back superhits, and maybe that’s why everyone began to refer to me as queen. I didn’t think much about it, but it has become big. I love the title, as it is a testament to my fans’ love towards me,” Apu concluded.

The actress was recently seen in movies like “Laal Sari” and “Chaya Brikkho”.


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