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Gulf Air Pilot’s death: PBI Investigator Allegedly threatened


Gulf Air Pilot Captain Mohannad Yousef Al Hindi fell unconscious at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport due to a sudden heart attack while wearing his uniform. He was then transferred to United Hospital, where they misdiagnosed and delayed his treatment, which led to his death 8 hours later.

In a criminal case filed by the sister of Captain Al Hindi, the court directed the PBI and BMDC to submit investigation reports about the incident. PBI submitted the report on November 16, 2023, detailing the negligence of treatment in the hospital and the false statements that United Hospital and Gulf Air gave.

The investigation found that Captain Mohannad Al Hindi’s arrival at the emergency room of United Hospital was at 4:30 am. Still, United Hospital reports and Gulf Air Co-Pilot Khalil and Country Manager Issa Shaah lied about the arrival time in their statements to PBI.

Even United Hospital shared the wrong information about the arrival time in their statement to PBI. United Doctors stated that the arrival time was 5:30 am, an hour later than the actual arrival time.

The report states that a fair report could not be generated due to Gulf Air’s refusal to present the Captain’s co-pilot and key witness, Khalil, and the refusal of Country Manager Issa Shah to provide the Captain’s medical history or certificate.

The report found that negligence could not be proved against the accused, Dr. Omar Farouk, as junior doctors at United Hospital were using his sign-in name without him being at the hospital, for which the Captain’s family would file a fraud case.

This fraud was why Omar Farouk was initially accused but cleared. The report does highlight the negligence of junior consultant Tunaggina and her refusal to call a senior cardiologist for consultation or to perform the PCI.

Captain Muhannad Al Hindi’s family will file criminal proceedings for culpable homicide and conspiracy against Dr. Tunaggina and Dr. Salah, as the investigation report states that they both left Captain till 9 am without treatment.

BMDC report will clear these matters hopefully, “sister Tala Josephano stated. Tala Josephano also stated that the main investigator of PBI sent her messages and told her how he was threatened and harassed.

He could not write the truth in the report, which is that Captain Mohannad Al Hindi was killed by negligence as his family threatened him, and he claimed he was transferred from his job due to his trying to do his job.

“The investigator told me that I would never get justice for my brother as United and Gulf has spent a lot of money and exerted influence. However, we believe these allegations were to cover up for the cooperation between the investigator, United Hospital, and Gulf Air to bury the case. We believe that the judicial system is fair, and we have faith in the judge’s decisions,” said Tala Josephano.

Proof of the investigator telling Tala about being threatened and about the corruption is available in audio and text messages between him and Tala. “We will object to the report as it is clear that United and Gulf Air are working together on trying to bury the case. Well, they can’t, and we will not stop till the negligent doctors are in jail and justice is served,” said Tala Josephano.


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