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Siddhartha Deb Majumder: A Name of Leading Inspiration for Bangladeshi Youth


“When the royal band started playing their instruments, a shiver ran down my spine due to the cold weather and intense excitement. The melody began to echo in the stone palace. The names of each country were announced. When I heard the name of Bangladesh, my chest filled with pride. I raised my head and walked towards the queen.”

Siddhartha Deb Majumder, one of the top achievers in the field of scouting in Bangladesh scouting history, shared his experience of participating in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations in England in 2012. This is one of the most precious experiences of his life ever.

He was one of only two people from Bangladesh to go, and he was picked because of how well he did in scouting. During the celebration, he had the chance to visit the traditional Windsor Palace and meet Queen Elizabeth II. The event made a big impression on him, and he still loves thinking about how proud he was at the time.

His accomplishments began early, with the Prime Minister Award for Scouts bestowed upon him by Sheikh Hasina, the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh. This prestigious award was just the beginning of a remarkable journey that has taken him to England, Bhutan, and the United States of America, where he has had the opportunity to represent his country and engage in various activities.

Siddhartha Majumder has had an impressive journey as a scout and a fantastic journey as a writer, and healthcare personnel.

Since his graduation, Siddhartha has started his writing journey as a feature writer for the widely circulated daily newspaper, Prothom Alo, Bangladesh’s topmost popular news media. As part of his role, he was in charge of writing articles on nutrition for the weekly health page of the paper.

Siddhartha, In the field of writing

Siddhartha Deb Majumder

He has also published several popular health books and health fiction for children, including Rogheen Protidin (Disease-free Daily Life), published by the renowned publication Sudhoshawar. He has a children’s health fiction series. Some of the books in this series are Topon Shobji Khay na (Topon doesn’t eat vegetables), published by Shuvro Prokash in the 2015 Book Fair, Topon Mach khay na (Topon doesn’t eat fish), published by Somoy Prokash in 2017 Book Fair, Topon First Hote chay (Topon wants to be First), published by Shuvro Prokash in the 2018 Book Fair, Toponer Fol khaoa, published by Tamrolipi in the 2020 Book Fair.

Siddhartha: A Health Professional

Siddhartha Deb Majumder

Siddhartha has done a lot of important things in the field of healthcare management, in addition to scouting and writing. He currently works as a manager in the medical affairs department at Labaid Hospital, which has 32 branches across the country. In this job, he plans seminars, conferences, trainings, and health camps to raise awareness and education about health care.

Siddhartha: A Man of Philanthropy

Siddhartha Deb Majumder

Siddhartha is a young philanthropist who cares about human well-being. He is involved in various voluntary activities, including participating in several relief programmers and health camps organized by the Bangladesh Scouts and the Daily Prothom Alo. He has also been a health services provider at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference.

A Name of Leading Inspiration for Bangladeshi Youth

Siddhartha Deb Majumder

Siddhartha’s impressive achievements include the President Scout Award of Scouts, awarded by Iajuddin Ahmed, the then President of Bangladesh, as well as participating as a young delegate in Youth Leading Sustainable Programming at UN Headquarters in New York in 2016. These accomplishments are a testament to Siddhartha’s dedication, hard work, and passion for scouting, writing, and healthcare.

Siddhartha’s journey is an inspiration to all young people who wish to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. He has shown that with hard work, perseverance, and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals and make a difference.

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