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Court directs Gulf Air copilot to appear PBI interrogation


A Dhaka court has directed the Gulf Air authorities to bring copilot Khalil Abdul Razak before the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to facilitate the investigation over death of Mohannad Yousef Hassan Al Hindi by negligence.

The Court of Metropolitan Magistrate-8 in Dhaka made the direction on Monday after PBI, and the family of the victim applied for hearing in a criminal case against United Hospital and others.

Gulf Air pilot Mohannad Yousef Hassan Al Hindi passed away on December 14, 2022, at United Hospital Dhaka. According to the court’s order, Gulf Air, represented by Issa Shah, is directed to present a key witness to the case, namely, the copilot Khalil Abdul Razak, for questioning by the PBI.

This directive follows Gulf Air’s persistent refusal to respond to the PBI’s repeated requests to cooperate in the investigation.

Tala Elhendy Josephano, the victim’s sister, claimed CAAB has benefited in return of ‘turning a blind eye’ on Gulf Air’s negligence in the death of her brother.

“I assume the benefit from violating safety procedures and policies was a codeshare for Biman Airlines with Gulf Air and possible fake promises to help Biman to fly back to the USA, while CAAB can’t even produce CCTV of the airport the day of the incident. Gulf Air to operate or remain in the USA is the devil’s dream in heaven, FAA is being notified,’’ she said.

Tala Elhendy Josephano arrived in Bangladesh on January 26, 2023, and personally investigated the killing of her brother over the course of a few days by trying to obtain information and documents from United Hospital pertaining to her brother’s case.

The PBI report submission has been postponed until October 2, 2023, due to delays caused by BMDC in submitting their report and Gulf Air’s delays in presenting key witnesses and evidence pertaining to Issa Shaah’s actions on the day when the victim was killed due to negligence at the hospital.

On September 5, 2023, Gulf Air issued a false statement claiming that they were fully cooperating with the PBI’s investigation. Contrary to their assertion of cooperation, Gulf Air, along with its Country Manager, Issa Shaah, has not been forthcoming in cooperating with the PBI. The victim’s family will pursue charges against Gulf Air, Issa Shah, and Khalil for obstructing justice and withholding evidence.

Additionally, the PBI has confirmed sending multiple requests, apart from the court orders to Gulf Air for the presentation of a key witness and relevant medical records.

However, Gulf Air has not complied with these requests. The victim’s family apprehends that Gulf Air is trying to shield this witness from exposing their role in the death of the victim.


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