Wedding management website ‘BiyeBari’ launched

BiyeBari Launched

Daily Dhaka Times: Bangladeshi technology company Bit Makers Limited launched a new wedding-planner website In a news release on Tuesday, the company claimed the BiyeBari is the ‘first ever’ one-stop solution with online and mobile application. BiyeBari provides the right service if you want to make your special day more organized and attractive.

At BiyeBari, users will able to choose your favorites from the large and versatile collection of wedding related products which is organized in different category to make the user’s shopping experience more flexible.

The company also mentioned that the details of top class event organizers, photographers, bridal dresses, makeup products, catering services, ritual products and other necessary products of wedding are described in the application and website.

The application also provides task tracking and to-do feature to supervise whole process from single point. Beside, the vendors also can generate profile with the service and manage deals with the customers, according the statement.

Regarding the BiyeBari, Bitmakers’ head of business development Ehsanul Haque said the webable will bring all players relating to a wedding function under one space and made the process simpler than imagination. The service user can use its search filters to find exactly what you are looking for.

Vendor’s portfolio and reviews in the android app will help you to make right choice. It has budget calculator which is very effective for calculating the budget of your wedding, added Haque.

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