Top govt officials to get jeeps worth Tk94 lakh


Finance Ministry re-fixes allocations to buy various types government vehicles

The government will buy jeeps worth Tk94 lakh for its officials of Grades 1 and 2, and jeeps worth Tk57 lakh for officials of Grade 3 or lower.

All these prices will include registration cost, vat and tax, according to a directive issued by the Finance Ministry.

The directive, signed by the ministry’s Joint Secretary Habibun Nahar on December 12, was issued recently, re-fixing the allocations to buy various types government vehicles considering market prices.

The directive said the vehicles will be used by the officials concerned of different ministries, departments, and directorates.

According to the directive, the government offices will now be able to purchase microbus at Tk44 lakh; ambulance at Tk44 lakh; car at Tk35 lakh; pick-up (single cabin) at Tk28 lakh; pick-up (double cabin) at Tk49 lakh; minibus (air-conditioned) at Tk69 lakh; minibus (non-air-conditioned) at Tk32 lakh; bus (big, non-air-conditioned) at Tk42.29 lakh; truck (five ton) at Tk39 lakh; truck (three ton) at Tk31.75 lakh; and motorcycle at Tk1.40 lakh.