This is the time to be compassionate


This fear of harassment in people helps absolutely no one

It is extremely disappointing to learn that people are being harassed and ostracized during these difficult times, based either on their professions or reporting symptoms.

While social distancing and staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic remain vitally important to curb the spread of the virus, there are those among us that are compelled to go out to work.

These include the doctors, health workers, the grocery store, supermarket, and emergency service employees, the police and armed forces, and journalists — they are all putting their own well-being at risk for the benefit of the population at large.

These people deserve nothing but admiration and support from everyone.

However, the fact that these front-line workers are facing harassment, either from landlords or from others, is distressing and shows a lack of understanding that is alarming.

Additionally, this lack of compassion and understanding also extends to people who may be showing symptoms.

It begs the question: If people feel stigmatized due to showing symptoms of Covid-19, why would anyone choose to speak up about it in the first place?

This fear of harassment in people helps absolutely no one. Testing is of paramount importance, and in order to get the best possible picture regarding the pandemic, we need people to be able to come forward and get tested.

Suffice to say, we continue to be kept in the dark if people are feeling afraid to speak up.

What must be understood is that anyone can be infected by Covid-19. As such, we hope that everyone understands this reality, and exercises solidarity and compassion towards each other.