There’s more to Bangladesh than Dhaka


The rest of Bangladesh needs our attention

It is encouraging to see Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina’s call for integrated development plans — as experts have said repeatedly, the development we have achieved so far needs to be sustainable, and for us to be successful in this regard, we need a more holistic approach towards ensuring that Bangladesh continues to improve as a nation.

All too often, different parts of the country, be they private or public organizations, find themselves at loggerheads or playing the blame game with each other, transferring the responsibility of the upkeep of the nation from one department to another.

The problem here is, of course, our inability to realize that, for true development, everyone has to play a part, every part of the government must complement each other.

Decentralization is key to this — and that goal can only be achieved if we work on developing areas of the country which have typically been ignored — so that fewer and fewer people find themselves needing to migrate to the capital, which is overburdened as it is.

In this regard, we are pleased to see the PM call out government officers who refuse to leave Dhaka, but if other cities and villages provided good quality education, arbitration, and health care services for example, we would start to see fewer examples of such behaviour.

As it stands, Dhaka is Bangladesh, and Bangladesh is Dhaka. This needs to change moving forward. Dhaka has been developing without much planning or control, and the rest of Bangladesh needs our attention.

It is only through focusing on every part of our nation together and as a whole that we can truly make the sort of sustainable progress we need for a prosperous future.