The way forward


Development can never be specific to one region or one group of people

While some of the biggest drivers of this economy have been the RMG sector and remittance, with a great deal of help from the agricultural sector and ICT, Bangladesh must continue to look for ways to ensure that the growth we experience is sustainable.

A reliable way of doing this is by diversifying the economy.

In this regard, the PM’s words at the recent President Parade, where she envisioned the Bangladesh Navy to be a commercial manufacturer of warships in the future, are encouraging, and offer a glimpse as to what the current government envisions for our future. 

This is exactly the kind of ambition required for Bangladesh to proceed towards its next development cycle as a new decade begins. 

Such a move from the navy will not only diversify the economy but also pave the way towards generating more employment opportunities for its citizens and, as the PM has said, allow home-grown technologies to flourish.

In this regard, with 2021 a little over a year away, and to ensure that Bangladesh’s Vision 2021 comes true, the government’s initiative is commendable.

What we must understand moving forward is that development can never be specific to one region or one group of people, and that such diversification of the economy allows for everyone in the country to benefit, bringing in more foreign investment and ensuring sustainable development. 

Now it is up to us to eliminate the obstacles which stand in our way, such as corruption and inefficiency, and move with purpose towards our goal of a better Bangladesh.