The story of a successful Entrepreneur Mr. Saidul Islam


A man of indomitable with self-confidence and incredible courage, Mr. Saidul Islam, founder and CEO, ST RELIANCE ASSOCIATE “STRA“.  So far, he has directly employed more than twenty un-employed youth and more than a thousand young entrepreneurs have been directly changed their fortune through his organization.

From an early age, he was self-reliant extremely brave, and loves to take risks. When all his mates and friends are busy looking for BCS, government jobs, he goes against the tradition and challenges himself to do something for the betterment of the society and the people of the society. In order to build himself in that way, he started a part-time job along with his higher education.  He has worked in various organizations in the country and abroad for a long decade which has enriched his experience.

At the beginning of 2015, he started a new chapter of his life, fulfilled his childhood dream by starting his own organization.  He has enriched expertise on Income Tax, VAT, Accounting, legal and Advisory matters related to business.  By co-operating with the taxpayers on tax matters, he is not only lessening the taxpayer’s burden but also indirectly contributing to the development and prosperity of the country.  He is working to bring foreign direct investment to his motherland. So far, several Japanese and French companies have been investing in Bangladesh via his assistance.  Many in the business community call him a “BUSINESS DOCTOR”.

With a vision of ensuring effortless and smooth business activities for the clients, He helps the owner of the business by managing all types of legal affairs, formality, compliance so that they can look after only their operation and remain protected from all the complexity.

So far, more than fifty plus limited companies and thousands of small businesses have been initiated their journey with the help of his company.  Besides, his organization is constantly providing services to hundreds of businesses to keep their ongoing business activities.  He is relentlessly providing services to innumerable businesses to keep the active growing rate of the country’s imports and export.

A book titled “Business in Bangladesh” has been edited by him targeting existing and potential investors in Bangladesh, especially foreign investors who are willing to invest in Bangladesh. The book presents detailed guidelines on investment prospects of foreign investment, its sectors, facilities, laws, and taxes, existing in Bangladesh.

For this outstanding contribution to the country, he and his organization have been awarded various honors.  This young emerging potential entrepreneur has expressed his persuasion to create employment for more than two hundred people.  Besides, he expressed his firm expression in the socio-economic development of the country.



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