The march towards equality


It is about changing the overall mentality to be more inclusive

Today marks International Women’s Day. More than a hundred years since its inception, this day remains crucial in the eyes of the global population, to bring to the world’s attention the necessity of a gender-equal world.

This year’s theme, which focuses on collective action to ensure equality and women’s rights, comes at a crucial time for the world; as the global economies collectively look to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, it is imperative to keep in mind the need to ensure a world where women can continue to thrive.

This means each and every person can play a part in fighting through the stereotypes and biases held against women; each and every person can help broaden perspectives and be a champion for recognizing and celebrating the many achievements women have and continue to make. 

It is about changing the overall mentality to be more inclusive, in every step and every action.

There is no longer any doubt that a world where women are not held back, and can fully contribute to the world, is beneficial for everyone, across all sectors of any economy and system.

Bangladesh, for its part, also has much to achieve when it comes to recognizing its women. 

It is rather unfortunate that women continue to lag behind in various sectors of our population, both urban and rural.

Moving forward, this must change. Just as the rest of the world must continue to invest its resources in ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women, so too must Bangladesh.