The Crown Jewel of a Developed country

The Crown Jewel of a Developed country: Md Golam Sharoar Saymum
The Crown Jewel of a Developed country: Md Golam Sharoar Saymum

Md Golam Sharoar Saymum: What are the next-generation technologies? The short answer is Slightly Immortalization and Automation technologies. What Immortalization has anything to do with technology? Let’s figure it out. The technologies that enable us to immortalize a moment slightly, an incident, or anything by video or audio taping or by text or images or by some other process are called Immortalization Technology. The process is called Immortalization. These technologies are already with us, and the world is only advancing towards them.

We all know about Automation technologies. I am not planning to change the definition. I am just planning to apply this in vast areas—artificial intelligence is the key to it. We need to develop Artificial Intelligence to work more effectively and to work in different sectors. Let’s see a futuristic example.

Automation is getting a driving license. Is it possible? Imagine an area monitored by an artificial intelligence-based camera. There are two parts of that area. One is the practice zone, and the other is the examination zone. In both of them, there will be used simulation technologies. A person will go there and show his identities through a scanner and pay the bill. Then he will get an examination serial. First, he can practice in the zone, and then he can enter the examination area. In the examination area, he will be given tasks to complete, and artificial intelligence will monitor the movements of that man. In contrast, he meets the job and judges if he is worthy of having a driving license or not. Can be added Human judges for additional purposes.

You can quickly figure out the application of “Slightly Immortalization and Automation technologies,” but I would love to mention one. This can reduce corruption. As it requires no personal communication between the service seeker and the service provider, corruption can be indeed reduced with the help of these technologies.

Now, let’s talk about our education system. First, we shouldn’t replace the current education system where we physically appear at the institution to learn. Because there is the institution, we do not just learn the academic lessons; we know many other essential things like etiquette and manners. Moreover, as social beings, we need to socialize. So, from my sight, our education system is alright. Still, it must be upgraded, and our education must be updated; otherwise, we will be left behind in the long run of reaching the pinnacle of development as in the race with other countries.

Believe it or not, the whole world is heading towards this ‘Slightly Immortalization and Automation’ process. If we want to compete with the world, we shouldn’t stay behind with just papers and pens; we also need other stuff like smartphones, laptops, desktops. We are sure to lag because all we see today are technological developments, and if we can not adapt to it, we are sure to fade. So, we have to upgrade our education system with computer technologies and update our education so that the students can cope with the next technological revolution. How are we going to provide the students with expensive stuff like that? Well, we are building the Podda bridge with our own money. If it is possible, then so is this. It’s going to take a long time, but worth take a leap of faith and hope that our next generations will be competing with the best of the bests.

Our ancestors used their brains to calculate mathematical terms manually. Now, we are using calculators instead to do that automatically. Why not our next generation use smartphones or computers to calculate or for any other essential things? If Google can answer a question, maybe we should not memorize that answer next time. We should ask Google. Perhaps an age coming where people say, We don’t store information in our head anymore, but we keep them using technologies. Now, we store them sometimes in our heads to analyze them. Here people are paid to think and explore but not to work because of the advancement of Immortalization and Automation technologies.

When the rape cases were raised in our country at their highest level during the pandemic, I wanted to file a case against pornography in the International Court. I ended up being a fool finding out that only the country Heads can do that. A psychologist would know about the subconscious mind and the effect of pornography on it. If we want to upgrade our education system with technological support like smartphones, laptops, or desktops, we will have to tackle many issues like this and many others. Don’t say it’s impossible to do so with an excuse, please.

Let’s discuss another important question. And that question is, “What do we want from our students?” First, we want them to be morally decadent. We want to be honest. We want them to be helpful. We want them to be learned all the Etiquettes and manners that are required. So, we want them to be ethically well developed. And then, we want them to be well educated. We want them to be coped with the next technological revolution.

From my sight, if morning shows the day, then maybe childhood shows the man. Recently I learned about adding psychologists to our educational institutions. I may support that but in a different way. Why not be adding phycology in our education not as a subject or subjective teacher but as a system. Children, we have a hero we follow. Some follow our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.), some follow one of the four Khalifas, others follow their religion Prophets and hero. Some take all; some might take their father, mother, brother, sister, or other heroes and follow them.

But on the contrary, some might want to be the opposite kind who needs to be psychologically reversed. So, we need to have some authorized heroes to follow. Or, we need to be psychologically diverted to follow the right hero. So maybe now, we might hope to achieve the goal of ethically well-developed generations.

If our country were rich like America, I would have asked the government to give every student a smartphone that would cost not more than 200 dollars per student. I would have asked for the privilege of having wireless fidelity in every educational institution. After that, I would have asked the government to form a Prime Education Board. The board will select some of the best teachers, and then we will immortalize those teachers’ lectures on their subjects and release them to the whole country. The educational institution throughout the entire country will show the students these videos, or the students will watch those videos themselves or with the help of the teachers. There will be videos where lessons are fully explained, explained, less explained, and least explained. Our students will watch those categorized videos as they like. What will the other teachers do? The other teachers will repeat those lectures to give them a final touch. They also might guide the students while watching those videos in the classroom.

I have heard this many times, Why must every student receive higher education? I say why they must not receive? Other countries export weapons, technologies, and many other things and earns billions of dollars. We will send the best programmers, web designers, web developers, IT experts, engineers, doctors, and others. You know the term, Divide and conquer.

We must achieve crown jewel

I think the crown jewel of a developed country is its ethically well-developed and well-educated nation. We should invest everything we have got to achieve this. I don’t think it will be meaningful if we reach the stage of a developed country without this. Right now, we are going through a pandemic. The educational institutions are closed for more than a year. We are dreaming of reaching the stage of a developed country. To do so, we must achieve its crown jewel. So, will there be another perfect chance like this to upgrade and update our education system and education? No, I don’t think there will be.

Md Golam Sharoar Saymum, Student, Rangpur Government College, Rangpur

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