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Fighting from every angle

We need a multi-part strategy to combat the current crisis In times of national crisis, clear and strong leadership is of the utmost importance. As...

More than profit

Addressing the environmental challenges of micro, small, and medium enterprises  Although Bangladesh has achieved rapid economic growth in recent times, the same has been achieved...

We must refuse to accept the unacceptable

How can we, even now, allow child labour to exist?  Moyna cannot sit at the table and eat with the rest of the household. She...

Time to work from home, if possible

If we wait for things to get worse, it will be too late Gloves are off now in the fight against the novel coronavirus, with...

Cushioning the economy

Studies suggest that the global economy could suffer as much as $3.4 trillion Covid-19 has, no doubt, had enormous economic impact across the world, with...

We need to diversify our labour force

We cannot, at this juncture, afford to underestimate the value of vocational training Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s emphasis on allocating more funds for vocational and...