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Testing facilities are instrumental in this battle

The more information we have regarding the extent to which the virus has spread the better It is encouraging to see that a new testing...

United Hospital launches isolation unit in Munshiganj for Covid-19 patients

Munshiganj District Civil Surgeon Md Abul Kalam Azad inaugurated the unit United Hospital has launched a 25-bed self-sufficient isolation unit at Louhajang in Munshiganj to...

Envoy: Bangladesh has scope to send doctors to Oman

Oman ambassador to Bangladesh visits parliament speaker   Bangladesh has ample scope to send doctors as well as workers to Oman, a major source of...

Blood in stools: do you need to be worried about it?

Q: I have bleeding while passing stools, should I be worried about it? A: Blood in stools is an extremely common aliment and can be...