‘Say no to corruption’ cartoon competition held


With the theme ‘Together against Corruption to Achieve SDGs,’ Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) organized an exhibition on anti-corruption cartoon selected through a competition on December 9.

Introduced in 2006, the annual cartoon competition and exhibition aims to develop a sense of responsibility among future generation to fight against corruption.

Considered as a powerful medium to increase awareness, cartoon raises the question of transparency and accountability through satirical and technical presentation of facts, observation and important incidents happening in the society.

Suzanne  Mueller, Deputy Head of Mission and Director of Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland, Refika Hayta, Deputy Head of Mission, The Royal Danish Embassy, Mohamed Yousuf, Governance Adviser,  Department for International Development (DFID) Bangladesh and Dr Iftekharuzzaman, Executive Director, TIB,  Professor Dr Fakrul Alam, member of the Board of Trustees of TIB were present in the  inauguration program of the exhibition, which is scheduled to go on till December 15.

Mohamed Yousuf urged to work together as individuals and as society to fight against corruption.  “Corruption undermines development, businesses, perpetrate poverty, diverts resources from service delivery, health, education, rural design, every sector of the service industry. Fighting corruption is not easy. And there is not quick fix. So, I think this is really important agenda and to have this cartoon exhibition gives us use our imagination and creativity to present how non corruption effect everyone.”

“Cartoons and photographs are very powerful tool for creating increased awareness increasing demand for transparency and accountability in the society. Initiatives like this cartoon competition contribute to a great extent to try this research and knowledge base advocacy and civic engagement programs in which the young minds will are mobilized,” said Refika Hayta

“At this stage of the student life they become responsible citizens of the society. This competitions and exhibitions will generate a strong collective voice for changes and create greater awareness and motivation among the young generation to say no to corruption,” said Suzanne  Mueller.

This year TIB received 478 entries from 254 competitors from two age groups. The best six cartoonists were awarded as recognition of their work. The top three winners from Group A are Moshiur Rahman Mahin, Isiah Tripland Heaven and Ishrat Jahan Lubna. The top three winners from Group B are Abdul Malek Nobel, Tarek Bin Kamal and Momi-Tu-Ur Rahman.