Samsung brings 3rd batch of Junior Software Academy


Samsung Bangladesh kick-started the 3rd batch of training in its Junior Software Academy, a CSR project run by Samsung, Bangladesh. This batch starts the journey upon a grand success of the 2nd batch of training. This training is being provided fully free for the students at Samsung’s R&D Institute.
For this batch, Samsung collaborated with some recognized NGOs like EduCo and SOS and through them, 30 underprivileged high school students from grade 6–10 participated in the 3rd batch of Junior Software Academy.
The focal vision of this program is to facilitate the students with IT knowledge so that their interest in IT and digital stuffs grows. They will receive hands-on training on a wide range of topics such as Coding, Programming, Microsoft Office, android open source system including basic education for computer & Internet, and many more. They will also be given a briefing on the history of Samsung and its products. Students will be given a platform to practice on how they can implement their knowledge by using basic coding tools to develop software. They will receive a certificate upon the completion of the course.
Mr. Seungwon Youn, Managing Director, Samsung Bangladesh commented, “Samsung works as a pioneer in technological advancement and keep that in mind, Samsung Bangladesh works to arrange training of Junior Software Academy in Bangladesh. This knowledge will not only help students in their future education but also will ignite a passion for technology and innovative ideas. We believe that, today’s children will play the most vital role for the future of this country.”


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