Salman Shah fans to demonstrate on Friday


PBI’s report from January 24 confirmed that Salman’s death was a suicide, 23 years after his death

Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) report on Salman Shah’s suicide has now lead to the deceased actor’s fans calling for a human chain event. The fans of Salman Shah will organize the human chain at 3pm in front of the National Press Club on Friday. 

The convener of this human chain is Masud Rana Nakib, one of the biggest fans of  Salman Shah. He told reporters: “During the time of Salman Shah, one of the influential circles of Bangladesh film industry had been conspiring against the actor, out of frustration from not being able to contractually bind him in their production. They were also jealous of his fame. This circle had been publishing completely false, baseless, fraudulent and imagined news about the actor, which had pretty much rendered Salman’s beautiful and normal life into a living hell. They had spread this false news about Shabnur being romantically attached with Salman, to create conflict in Salman’s domestic life, and create mental pressure on his psyche. 

“Also, Salman himself was the victim of attacks from racketeers three times while he was alive; once in front of Tejturi Bazar, second time at Dhanmondi Eidgah field, and third time in the area near Salman’s in-laws house in Chittagong. But PBI had completely ignored these issues, and just conducted their investigation on the alleged ‘domestic conflicts’ of Salman, and now they have submitted this scandalous report to the court. We do not accept this report . Therefore, we have called for this human chain,” Nakib added.

Nakib also said: “We also request the honourable Prime Minister to take interest in this matter, and ensure that a new investigation begins on every incident and accident that happened in Salman’s life.”

PBI’s report from January 24 confirmed that Salman’s death was a suicide, 23 years after his death. PBI Head Banaj Kumar Majumdar clearly stated in that report: “In PBI’s investigation, no evidence have been found to indicate that Salman’s death was a murder. Due to domestic conflicts and mental frustration he had committed suicide.”

Salman Shah, whose legal name was Chowdhury Mohammad Shahriar Emon, passed away on September 6, 1996. At the time his father Kamaruddin Ahmed Chowdhury filed a case to investigate his death as “unnatural.” 

Later, on July 24, 1997, Kamaruddin alleged that his son was murdered, and sent application for converting the “unnatural death” case into a murder case. Then the court ordered the CID to simultaneously investigate Salman’s unnatural death case as a murder case. 

On November 3, 1997, CID gave their final report to the court. In that report his death was termed as a case of suicide. On November 25 of that same year, in Dhaka’s CMM court the report was accepted. 

Kamaruddin rejected that report and applied for a review of the case in Metropolitan Sessions Judge Court. On May 19, 2003, the court sent the case for judicial inquiry. After that the case remained in investigation for the next 15 years. 

On August 3, 2014, Metropolitan Magistrate Imdadul Haque submitted the judicial inquiry report to CMM court’s Judge Bikash Kumar Saha. In the report Salman’s death was termed as an unnatural death.

On December 21, 2014, Salman’s mother Neela Chowdhury rejected the judicial inquiry report. She applied for refusing the judicial inquiry report on February 10, 2015, at the Metropolitan court. In that application she alleged that Aziz Mohammad Bhai and 10 others may have been involved in the murder of her son.

After that Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) started investigating the report. However, the state applied for a revision against the decision of RAB investigating the case on April 19, 2015. On August 21, 2016, Dhaka’s special judge 6 court’s judge Imrul Kayes accepted the review petitioned by the state. And then he ordered RAB to no longer investigate the case.

Since then, PBI has been in charge of investigating the case. Even after all this, the investigation report got delayed from being submitted to the court on many occasions due to various reasons. Finally the report was submitted on January 24.