Rubel questions why relief can’t go door to door


Bangladesh pacer Rubel Hossain has raised his voice for the underprivileged in the country in the past and he once again sided with the working people and asked why government relief was not reaching door to door.

The outbreak of coronavirus has led to blame games even as there are plenty who have come forward on their own to help those in need. Rubel wrote on a Facebook post: “Stop the blame game. The country is in a crisis and this country belongs to all of us. Food should reach the doors of people with limited income.” 

The people who earn their bread by working on a daily basis has been the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. While the lockdown is in place, the lower-income groups are set to suffer the most. If the virus has to be eradicated, steps must be taken to keep desperate people in need of food at home. Not everyone has the means to sit at home and wait for the pandemic to be over.

Rubel posed a question to the politicians as well. Not one to sugar-coat difficult issues, Rubel further asked in the post: “If you can go from door to door to ask for votes, then why not [to give] government relief.”

Like everyone else, Rubel too is at home and following government directives of self-isolation. Last month the cricketers donated fifty percent of their monthly salaries to a government fund in order to fight the virus.

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