Riz Ahmed says goodbye to a post-Brexit Britain


The Long Goodbye consists of nine tracks

Riz Ahmed released a new album and a short film, both titled The Long Goodbye, shedding light on his painful “breakup” with Britain.

The Long Goodbye consists of nine tracks, dealing with a post-Brexit Britain. Riz has called his new album ‘a breakup album,’ which attempts to explore the sense of utter abandonment he was made to feel by his own country. 

The short film, which is 11 minutes long, was directed by Aneil Karia. The plot focuses on a British South Asian family who are executed in the streets by a racist gang. Onlookers display no urge to intervene and help the family.

As xenophibic rhetoric has become alarmingly rampant in today’s world, Riz tries to focus on the bleak reality of immigrants and people of colour, specifically in Britain.

Riz Ahmed, an Emmy Award winner and a Muslim of Pakistani descent, will perform the album live in UK and USA from March 26.