Protecting our most vulnerable


It is the poor people, and our most vulnerable, who are most affected

By this time, there is no denying just how much damage the Covid-19 is doing, not just to people and their health, but also the overall economy.

While people are rightfully being advised to stay at home, regularly wash their hands, and maintain social distancing, we must remember that there are those within our society that simply do not have the luxury to do so.

During times of such crisis, it is the poor people, and our most vulnerable, who are most affected.

As such, there must be safeguards to protect their lives; the fact that they happen to be less fortunate and not possess the economic or financial means to weather this difficult period is more reason to do so.

The government must look to these people — the rickshaw pullers, the street-side cobblers and vendors, those working within our informal economy, and the homeless in general — who are barely being able to survive on a day-to-day basis because the coronavirus has simply taken away their meagre income and means of livelihood.

After all, every government should always look to every citizen within its borders and do its best to provide for them, so that no one goes hungry and without daily sustenance.

As such, we hope that the government remembers its promise to look after all the citizens of Bangladesh and, therefore, take the necessary actions to help safeguard their lives and help them through this most difficult period of time.