Product profile: XPGSPECTRIX D80 DDR4 RGB


The XPGSPECTRIX D80 DDR4 RGB is the world’s first RGB DDR4memory with a hybrid liquid-air cooling system.

The state-of-the-art memory module utilizes thecombination of a liquid heatsink, an aluminium heatsink, and thermally conductive materials on the PCB for heat dissipation.

The D80’s liquid heatsink features a non-conductive fluid with excellent thermal stability and conductivity, and has a hermetically sealed, airtight design that ensures that the fluid, in gas or liquid form, will notevaporation or leak away.

The memory module’s liquid heatsink isn’t justfunctional but also visually captivating toowith dazzling RGB lighting.

The RGBlighting is fully customizablevia the XPG RGB Sync App, or lighting control software from major motherboard makers, allowing users to set up effects such as patterns, pulse speed, lighting intensity, and more.In addition, users can use Music Mode tosynchronize the lighting effects with different music types to set the right mood.

What’s more, theD80offersoutstanding performance, delivering operating frequencies ranging from 2666MHz to 5000MHz, and supports Intel® X299 2666MHz and AMD AM4 / Ryzen platforms.

Earlier in the year, XPG overclocked the SPECTRIX D80 to 5531MHz in a liquid-nitrogen-cooled configuration to demonstrate the amazing potential of the memory module.

For added overclocking convenience, the D80 comes with preconfigured Intel® XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) 2.0 profiles for quick, reliable overclocking.

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About XPG
Xtreme Performance Gear (XPG) is an ADATA Technology brand offering high performance PC hardware.

XPG products distinguish themselves by surpassing stringent ADATA A+ Testing Methodology to ensure the highest standards for superior product stability and performance.

XPG provides gamers, enthusiasts, and over clockers an extraordinary journey best experienced at full tilt.

The XPG line sports advanced technical attributes and its strength shines through with sleek and powerful designs that have earned prestigious accolades worldwide.

These include Good Design Awards from Japan and Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards.

ADATA XPG products are recognized by over clockers and world-renowned professional gaming teams who use them as essential hardware for achieving victory.

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