Procession from DU campus to mourn border killings


About a hundred protesters joined the procession that began from the Raju Memorial Sculpture

People from different walks of life brought out a procession on the Dhaka University (DU) campus to mourn and protest against the killing of Bangladeshis by India’s Border Security Force (BSF) at the border.

About a hundred protesters, mostly wearing black clothes on their heads, joined the procession that began from the Raju Memorial Sculpture on Friday afternoon. 

The protesters paraded some important streets in procession and ended their program at the same place.

Before the procession, a brief rally was held at the Raju sculpture.

In the rally, Jubayer Ahmed, a third-year student of DU’s Islamic Studies Department, said: “Bangladesh-India border has become the most blood-stained border in the world, but our government does nothing other than flag meetings. Indian border forces kill our citizens without any deliberation.”

Protesters said: “It is a shame for our country that when one of our citizens is gunned down by the Indian forces at the border, our government officials claim the killed persons were involved in drug peddling and smuggling, while the Indians are supplying the illegal items. Our BGB [Border Guard Bangladesh] seems to be trying to justify the Indian claims.”

“Every year we observe Language Martyrs’ Day with due respect, but this year the day conveys different meaning to us. This day, we remember our brave heroes who sacrificed their lives for the mother tongue, and at the same time we also mourn for those people who have been killed by the BSF brutally without any kind of trial,” they said.

Protesters claimed that 1,185 Bangladeshis have been killed so far since 2001 along the Bangladesh-India border, while 1,118 were injured and over 1,400 were disappeared violating international laws.

They, however, demanded immediate and appropriate measure to stop the killings.

On January 25, protesters held a Gayebana Janaza (symbolic funeral prayers) at the Raju sculpture for those killed in the border areas.

Dhaka University student Nasir Abdullah of the Marketing Department’s Master’s program has been continuing a sit-in alone since January 25 at the base of Raju sculpture in protest of the border killings.