Personal research on the mystery of the Blue-Sky Sprites

Personal research on the mystery of the Blue-Sky Sprites- Md Golam Sharoar Saymum
Personal research on the mystery of the Blue-Sky Sprites- Md Golam Sharoar Saymum

Md Golam Sharoar Saymum: Hello, everyone. I saw tiny dots like flashes of light (nicknamed in Wikipedia blue-sky sprites) for a long time, but I can’t tell when I started seeing these. I see those, but no one else does, at least no one among the people around me.

One thing is confirmed, I started seeing those long before the pandemic. Then, I was studying hard on my academic education to get good grades. This is the reason why I did not pay much attention to this in the first place. Whenever I had time, I used to observe those. So, it was going great. Slowly but successfully, I used to solve little things like if those are inside or outside my eyes or if those were air molecules or not.

In March 2020, our educational institutions were declared close because of the pandemic. During the first few months of the pandemic, I kept myself busy with my academic studies. I kept studying and kept forgetting. So, soon it became boring. But eventually, the parts of me which were suppressed by the pressure of academic education started rising. So among all other things, I began to seek the answers to my questions about my eyes.

On my observation : (What do I see?)

(*) These are tiny bright dots.
(*) The things I see randomly appear out of where I don’t know, stay visible for some time, and then suddenly disappear.
(*) Sometimes, these have dark edges around and sometimes don’t, depending on the difference of my focus distance.
(*) Some of these seem like moving according to their wills.
(*) Some follow the same paths or trajectories one after another, and some rarely repeat the same ways or circuits or channels or courses or whatever you say.

Also, I was afraid if there were any problems in my eyes. So, I searched and learned about the issues of eyes related to seeing things. I studied floaters in the eyes. I looked at the eye problem called posterior vitreous detachment. Learning about them didn’t quench my thirst for answers because they didn’t provide many solutions.

One day, while searching on the internet, I found a webpage of the University of Illinois and saw people from all around the world sharing the same experience (Shared as Questions). I started reading them, and the answer to number 16 was a possible explanation. That is the first time that I have learned about the Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon. Then I started thoroughly studying it based on the information provided in Wikipedia (the link shared in answer to Question-16). But there are two different things or specific events that didn’t let me directly believe the Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon theme the first time.

One thing is :

I was reading the book “Brief Answers to the big questions” by Stephen Hawking. At the part where he talked about Quantum mechanics and the behavior of the particles like photons at the subatomic level, I was astonished, Because observation of the things I see incredibly fits that law of quantum mechanics, as he said. The things I see randomly appear out of where I don’t know, stay visible for some time, and suddenly disappear. Then, I started reading books on Particle Physics, Quantum mechanics, and some other books which I might have never imagined. After reading all of these books, I couldn’t find many answers but only started to like quantum physics.

The other thing is :

In the darkness (the darker, the better), when I zoom in (to the fullest) with my phone camera, I see pixelation and glitches at the same time. Paying close attention to it, I know the difference between the tiny flashes and pixelation. The problem was I couldn’t record a video of it as the phone edits out those glitches, so using a screen recorder, I recorded it (Not all the camera’s sensors are the same, so not sure if all the cameras detect them. Also, I had to upgrade mine a little bit. I wish to share the screen recorded video).

I observed them and found that sometimes they hit the camera sensor twice and leave a dragging mark behind. So, I concluded that they have trajectories and not any technological errors. They are something and caused by something. I thought this was it. I thought the things I see and these things I am detecting with a camera are the same. After finding evidence of the Blue Field Entoptic phenomenon accurately, I thought these might be air molecules or (as a joke) these can solve the “Missing mass” problem. I couldn’t figure out any other idea of why and how this is happening.

So, because of these two things (The first one is my mistake and the second one is still unexplained) foolishly, I tried to exclude the Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon out. But instead, in my final experiment, I proved it myself.

On my final experiment :

(*) I was warming up, and my heartbeat was speedy.
(*) I was trying to see them in the sky while jumping up and down. Like I was almost shaking myself like a bottle.
(*) I was able to see some capillaries and blood cells flowing through them one after another in a row.

The impact of the experiment :

(*) It has put a lot of pressure on my upper body and blood vessels.
(*) The blood vessels expanded.
(*) I could see those more than ever.

Warning :

I think I won’t be trying that again, and you should not try that if you don’t want the capillaries to blow up and cause more damage to your eyes. I didn’t mention some of my experiments because those might cause some severe detachments to our eyes. So, it’s better not to say. I did a bad job for you, so please don’t try this on yourself.

The things I could confirm by my little research are :

1. Those tiny flashy things are not floaters caused by posterior vitreous detachment.
2. These are not air molecules.
3. First, I thought, only I see this. But now, I could find other people from around the world who also witnessed the same thing.
4. These things have connections with the retina, lens, and brain’s complex visual processing system.
5. (How do I see these?) These are inside my eyes, but I see them in the sky because of an unreal projection created by the lenses and the brain’s complex visual processing system.
6. Blue field entoptic phenomenon theme (theory or what? I still don’t know) is correct. Those tiny flashy things I see are caused by White blood cells. Their trajectories in front of the retina cause this. Those white blood cells move through the capillaries.
7. I witnessed them when the sky was blue and when the sky was filled with white clouds, and during the sunset, the clouds were almost red. I saw them on walls painted white or other standard colors but not as straightforward as in the sky. (Why the disappearing act?) There might be a particular area where those can be seen; if those enter there, we can see them; we can’t see them if those go out of that area.

I don’t think I have that much knowledge to reach an all in all conclusion. I am only a seventeen-year-old boy who wakes up every day as a college student and is still looking for an opportunity for higher education. I want to mention that I think this could be the Blue Field Entoptic phenomenon plus something else because there are some things I couldn’t confirm or fully explain.

The things I couldn’t confirm by my research are :

1. Why do some of these rarely repeat the same trajectory twice or take a long time to repeat? (Maybe for a slower rate for blood flow in capillary levels)
2. Why do some of these seem like they don’t have connections with heartbeat pulses at all? Is this because of those thin capillaries? (Possibly)
3. Why do some of these seem like moving according to their wills? (Maybe because of Capillary level blood flow)
4. Why do some of their movements seem like a speedboat that leaves huge wave marks behind? ( Maybe because of light diffraction)
5. Why do some people see these at night? ( Couldn’t confirm)
6. Can some of these be Isolated photons? (Possibly)
7. Why do some people see those, and some don’t even if they try hard? (Couldn’t confirm)
8. Why do only some people see those? (Maybe because of some changes in the eyes. I would blame overuse of eyedrops in my eyes like that caused mild Vitreous Detachment or may be caused by something else too. I couldn’t confirm)

This is like a summary of my whole little research. I guessed a lot of wrong things, studied them, and learned a lot of new things. I have found out the right ones. So, this is way bigger than me. I don’t have doubts, but I need someone to investigate and confirm the rights and wrongs I am saying and possibly answer the rest of the questions. I believe I am ready to cooperate if needed.

I seek forgiveness if I am making any mistakes here. This is not the end of my little research. I will try to keep it updated. As the University of Illinois web page helped me solve this mystery, I submitted my findings there. I was hoping for some good response to investigate this further.

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I am Md Golam Sharoar Saymum. I am seventeen years old. I am a student of Rangpur Government College, Bangladesh.

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