Payoneer names Emrazina and Shoeb as ambassadors in BD


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emrazina-shoebInternational Cross border payment gateway Payoneer has announced two freelancers Emrazina Islam and Shoeb Mohammad as brand ambassador in Bangladesh. Payoneer is a financial solution that provides online money transfer and internet based payment services. Initially, they, Emrazina and Shoeb, started works from this month (September) for next two years in business development of the company in Bangladesh. Both of them initiated career in freelancing and then entrepreneurs. Now they are announced “Payoneer Ambassador”. Emrazina Islam got outsourcing award in 2013 from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). She started career in outsourcing in 2011. She has developed her career in graphic designing specially. In 2014, Emrazina started her journey with entrepreneurship launching a graphic design agency Creative Kittens where she developed hundreds of website across the world.

Shoeb Mohammad is a certified computer graphics generalist. Now he is involved with The Straight Light Studio and Nijol Production as Art Director. Besides, he is schooling with an art academy named Shekho which provides advanced course on animation. Emrazina and Shoeb, in a joint statement, said, “We remitted our earnings through Payoneer for a long time. That is very easy and simple. Those who are involved with internet outsourcing, affiliate marketing as well as sell product abroad, they can remit their earnings easily with Payoneer.” As Payoneer correspondents, they shared their plan to stand beside the mass of the country in any kind of solution related to the electronic money transfer. It should be mentioned that the company, Payoneer, started journey in 2005 in New York and become a trusted platform of electronic money transfer to 10 lakh of users across 200 countries now. There are 400 of industrious employees are working to provide service in 35 language to reach people from Dhaka to Lima. The cross coin money transaction service offers direct deposit to personal account which can be withdrawn from any ATM at any time. The company stepped in Bangladesh in 2014.

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