OPPO Bags WhistleOut Awards for Best Phone Design and Best Phone Manufacturer for 2019


Global smartphone brand OPPO has been recognized as the Best Phone Manufacturer of 2019 and OPPO Reno 5G smartphone was awarded the Best Phone Design for 2019 at WhistleOut Awards.

The WhistleOut Awards recognize and highlight the achievements within the telecommunications arena. A team of highly experienced editorial experts judges the price, performance, battery, screen, camera, design and overall user experience of smartphone and pick the best smartphones and manufacturers of the year. In WhistleOut Awards 2019, OPPO wins best smartphone manufacturer and best smartphone design award.

Alex Choros, managing editor at WhistleOut, believes OPPO is transforming the smartphone market and genuinely offers smartphone users a unique proposition. “OPPO has matured immensely over the last 12 months. The company isn’t trying to be anyone else, instead carving out its own identity as both a smartphone manufacturer and innovator. OPPO doesn’t just follow trends, it sets them,” he said.

Damon Yang, Managing Director at OPPO Bangladesh said “The recent award wins show just how far OPPO has come for smartphone users around the world, thanks to its focus on smartphone innovation and design.

“We’re extremely proud to have won these two awards from WhistleOut. It just goes to show our focus on redefining smartphone design and pushing the boundaries of what is possible is really resonating with smartphone consumers. To be the best phone manufacturer of the year is an amazing result and is a testament to the entire team in developing some of the best phones on the market today,” he said.

OPPO will continue to push the boundaries of smartphone design and innovation. In August 2019 the smartphone manufacturer announced its latest advancement in smartphone design – the ‘Waterfall Screen’, which offers users a complete full-screen viewing experience thanks to its curved display.

Following its success over the last 12 months, it is up to us to continue to drive the smartphone market forwards and set the bar in design and innovation. Some exciting new features and products are in OPPO’s pipeline and the company look forward to bringing them to the smartphone consumers around the world.


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