OPPO A9 ‘2020’ to come with monstrous 5000mAh Battery


Upcoming OPPO A9 ‘2020’ to come with 5000mAh battery for longer power backup, especially made for hard-core gamers and frequent travellers. The smartphone will hit the Bangladeshi market by the mid of September 2019.

Smartphones has evolved a lot in terms of processing capability and visual experience. With powerful platform and RAM, phones are now capable of offering every form of entertainment and can carry out professional tasks starting from graphics designing to video processing. Slowly smartphones have turned into a primary device for gaming and capturing moments with highest quality output. But every capability become limited due to limited power back-up capability. During the journey make smartphones thinner and lighter, smartphone manufactures compromised on the battery first. In doing so, phones started sky rocketing regarding processing power yet got dragged down by power back-up issue. To resolve the issue regarding power back-up, global smartphone brand OPPO has taken a two-edged initiative by making charging faster with their VOOC flash charging technology while they started rolling out phones with more capable battery.

Earlier this year, OPPO introduced OPPO A7 with a decent 4320mAh battery and gained immense popularity with in a short period of time. Considering the affection from the users and hype that the OPPO A series has created in different markets around the world, the manufacturer has decided to launch the OPPO A9 ‘2020’ in Bangladesh with substantial upgrades in mobile platform, processing capability, camera performance and increased the power back-up capability of the phone by inserting a monstrous 5000mAh battery.

This smartphone comes with such a powerful battery that it can back the hunger of young generation for smartphone gaming. Games like PUBG drains battery in a lighting speed. However, with VOOC flash charging and a 5000mAh battery, the least concern for any gamers would be the power back-up. A single charge may last for more than 2 days for a moderate user. For heavy users it surely will survive a full day and the users would get to charge the phone during night.

Traveling and creating contents are two era defining activities by the young generation. For outdoor content creator and travellers, power back-up really becomes an issue since they are bound to be detached from any power source during their work time. So, the new OPPO A9 2020 would relieve the frequent travellers and content creators from the fear of running out of power.

The brand new OPPO A9 2020 may incorporate a quad camera system for the primary camera and it will come with a mobile platform capable of supporting heavy duty games for the hard-core gamers. OPPO Bangladesh is all set to bring the brand new OPPO A9 ‘2020’ in Bangladesh by the mid of the September 2019.


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