OPPO A9 2020 to Come with 8GB RAM


Global smartphone brand OPPO is set to bring OPPO A9 ‘2020’ version with 8GB RAM which offers a glitch free multi-tasking experience with enormous speed. High intensive games and content creation to be smoother due to the gigantic 8GB RAM.

OPPO Bangladesh is set to launch the new OPPO A9 ‘2020’ version by the mid of September. Earlier this year, OPPO had introduced the ‘OPPO A9’ which gained huge popularity among the youth. To complement this popularity and continue the legacy, OPPO is set to introduce an upgraded version of OPPO A9 for upcoming year. The New ‘2020’ version incorporates 8GB RAM to ensure smooth multi-tasking experience for heavy duty usage.

Multi-tasking has been a challenge for smartphones that is used for multi-tasking performance. Operating system tends to force close some of the background apps in smartphones that has smaller RAM. Multi-tasking, high intensive gaming, photo and video processing becomes challenging for the smartphones that comes with smaller RAM. To resolve this issue, OPPO has introduced 8GB RAM in OPPO A9 ‘2020’ version for better users experience. With an 8GB RAM, photo processing will be faster than never before. Video rendering will be faster for the creative users who use smartphone as a tool for content creation. But the most importantly, higher RAM ensures smoother performance for games that comes with high definition graphics. Apart from bigger RAM, the new A9 ‘2020’ to come with OPPO’s in-house operating system ColorOS 6.1 which ensures better RAM management and conserves power.

Regarding the 8GB RAM in OPPO A9 ‘2020’, Mr. Damon Yang, Managing Director of OPPO Bangladesh says, ‘OPPO has always prioritize on user experience with OPPO devices. This is an era of creative mind that tends to use a phone to fulfil their hunger of their soul. With a gigantic 8GB RAM phone, gaming and content creation will be smoother while ensuring better outcome in terms of multi-tasking.”

The new OPPO A9 ‘2020’ will hit the market by the mid of September 2019 and will be available in OPPO stores and other channel as well.


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