Onnorokom Bigganbaksho arrives in Chittagong

Onnorokom Bigganbaksho

Onnorokom Bigganbaksho

Daily Dhaka Times: After getting ‘huge’ response from children in Dhaka, first ever science education kit ‘Onnorokom Bigganbaksho (OB)’ participated in the Chittagong International Trade Fair to inspire science education among kids of the port city, a press release said Thursday.

In a media release, on Thursday, the learning tool developer Onnorokom Electronics informed that the children get change to ‘enjoy’ experimental science projects at the 127 number stand of the on-going trade expo at polo ground area in the city. There are – tools for the practical science, manual, video tutorial and story books – packaged inbox of the kit.

The organization claimed that the science-specialised box got ‘popularity’ among Dhaka-based students. There are five categories of the kit including English version are available at the Chittagong Trade fair with 8 to 15 per cent discount.

“Onnorokom BigganBaksho team welcomed around 4 lakh of visitors at the Dhaka trade fair while some 3,000 students and guardians gave feedback on the product. As a result our team planned to stepped in the port city,” read the company statement.

Some guardian mentioned the kit as essential as Geometry Box as most of the projects of the box are similar to the textbook syllabus. Bigganbaksho is developed for the children above age level of seven which already reached 64 districts.

On side-line of big book shops and super shops, Bigganbaksho is available over internet order at Rokomari dotcom. For detail: 01847-103102.


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