Onion prices drop further


Prices of powdered milk rise, vegetable prices remain high

Prices of onion have come down further with the arrival of newly harvested local varieties.

Visiting kitchen markets in the capital, including Malibagh, Rampura, Farmgate, Shukrabad and Karwan Bazaar, newly harvested local variety Hali onion was fond retailing for Tk50-60 a kg. 

Old variety Murikata onion was found almost out of stock in most of the shops, retailing at Tk40-45 a kg. 

Onion imported from Myanmar was retailing at Tk70 a kg. Meanwhile, onion imported from different other countries including Egypt, China, Pakistan was out of stock both in retail and wholesale markets.

At wholesale market, Hali onion was selling for Tk35-40 a kg. 

Mohammad Ridoy, a wholesaler at Karwan Bazaar, said now imported onion was out of stock while local Murikata variety was running out of stock very fast. 

He said there was a huge supply of newly harvested Hali onion. 

GS Manik, wholesaler and importer at Shyambazar, said, “We have huge supply of Hali onion. We don’t need to export for three months. The price will not go up during this time and will remain at Tk40-50 a kg.”

“India lifted ban on onion exporting, but our government closed the LC. When government will open LC, we can import onion from India. Since we have a huge supply of local onion, we do not need to import onion,” he added.

The price of local garlic also decreased by Tk10-30 a kg, retailing for Tk80 a kg while those imported from China and India were retailing for Tk160 a kg. Local ginger was retailing for Tk140 a kg and the one imported from China was retailing for Tk140-150 a kg.


Prices of powdered milk rise 

Prices of different brands of powdered milk increased by Tk20-30 a kg. 

Marks  was found selling for Tk 535-550 a kg, Dano for Tk 620-640 a kg and Diploma for Tk 620-630 a kg.

Prices of some vegetables remain high

Prices of some vegetables increased over the week by Tk10-30 a kg. Aubergine was selling for Tk60-70 a kg, bitter gourds for Tk80-120 a kg, tomatoes for Tk40-50 a kg, cucumber for Tk40 a kg and green chilli Tk100 a kg. 

Some other vegetables maintained high prices. Cauliflower was retailing for Tk30 a piece,  cabbage for Tk30-35 a piece, papaya for Tk35-40 a kg, carrot for Tk30 a kg, bean for Tk40 a kg and potato for Tk20 a kg.

Mojibul Hasan, a consumer, said, “It is a good news that the price of onion has dropped, but the price of other products are increasing. There need to be proper monitoring so that no syndicate can manipulate prices.”