Onion import to begin in Hili soon


India withdraws ban on onion export

Onion import from India may resume at Hili land port as soon as an official notification is issued, after India announced lifting its ban on onion export on Wednesday.

The Indian government decided to lift the ban on onion exports amid a decline in its wholesale prices in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and other states.

Harunur Rashid and Mobarak Hossain, importers at the land port, said that the emergence of abundant new onions in different provinces of India, their domestic market, helped overcome the onion crisis.

They were hopeful of importing onion from Sunday or Monday, at the earliest.

Quoting Indian Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, the Times of India reported that India’s monthly onion production is expected to be 4 million tons in March, which was 2.4 million tons during the same period of last year.

The ban on onion exports would be lifted with a notification of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade of India tentatively by March 2, the report said.

India, the world’s biggest exporter of onions, banned export of onions last September to keep domestic supplies intact after flooding in several states worsened seasonal shortages, leading to a spike in local prices.

In India, wholesale prices of onions have more than halved in the last five weeks, according to data compiled by the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, an Indian government agency.