One Intel Antivirus and tension free three years


Intel Antivirus_Daily_Dhaka_TimesDaily Dhaka Times: Tension free three years on one antivirus with three months bonus, can you imagine that? No, it’s not a dream anymore as Intel Security MIS-3 antivirus offers protection on your internet usage for 1170 days.

It has built in NetGuard technology which is a two way firewall system and network manager that keeps your Wi-Fi network safe. It has parental control and site advisor too which warns you whether a website is safe or not.

Worried about email spam? This Intel Security suit has a anti-spam filter which blocks unwanted files, links or any other data comes with a spam message. This antivirus is especially designed for brand PCs. Intel Security MIS-3 will cost only 2000 BDT.

You will find it at any show room of Computer Village which is authorized distributor of Intel Security products in Bangladesh and at other IT markets of the country too. For further information, call 01713240775 or 01713240741.


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