New York-Bangladesh to Bollywood


Bangladesh to BollywoodDaily Dhaka Times: The amazing thing about music is that it has no barriers; the language of music is international. Rumman chowdhury a talented young music producer/songwriter/artist his journey stared while growing up in New York City. He began this epic journey in the soul-searching conquest of music production and song writing in late 2007.

His main instruments are the Piano and recently Guitar along with his vocals. A lifetime indulging in the diverse flavors of global music, growing up under the influence of Western Beats in the United States New-York City- Queens Borough the hub of Hip-Hop and R&B music, sound engineering, audio production technology, passionate audiences & competitive markets- at that point, RC still remained unimpressed and his ever-growing pursuit of music that defined his existence, conquered his soul and provoked his mind.

Persisted in feeling incomplete, distant and unattainable. Until, in late 2009, soon after his bonds with home were revoked; RC re-visited Bangladesh, with blurry memories from a childhood that met his last journey over the land of his fore-fathers. It is here at home, that he finally sought the sweetness that which only home may savor!

His long conquest was finally over as he found his musical treasures here, In Desi Lands, tunes and melodies that on one hand, quenched his thirst, while on the other, provoked him to seek, understand and learn further in the art of musical treasures through classical instruments & music! And so it began, learning something new with each day and foraging for more the next; mastering an art, a skill, a passion that overpowers all his other needs.

Soon after reaching Bangladesh he met with many talented musicians and vocalists, one being Mamun Sarker who started out with music influences from his childhood. coming from a semi classical background of training.He is an amazing vocalist, flutists as well as a excellent guitarist. He also has a skill at song writing and melodic tuning and composition.

Beside being the amazing vocalist he is also a very good live instrumentalist performer, who always carries the audiences with his magical movement through the art of music.

Together they have worked many years in the Bangladeshi music industry releasing their mix produced albums with one of the most renounced labels in Bangladesh (Tumi Meye) G-Series, (Jowar)Siren records and many more. In early 2014 they already have collaborated with artists form all around the world including USA, Canada, Dubai, India, South America, UK and many more.

They have also worked in the Background music with recent hits From T-Series in Bollywood with ZACK KNIGHT on his last two singles Nakree & Queen pushing over the flavor of the Bangla flute into the international culture.

Finally they have signed with TIPS MUSIC one of the leading music labels in the mainstream BOLLYWOOD industry. Together Rumman Chowdhury and Mamun Sarker has collaborated on their fresh recent track of “Tere Dar Par Sanam- BE MY LOVE” releasing with Tips Music on October 6th of 2015. They have also included a Malaysian born Indian RAP artist Harvinth Skin in that recent single. which they feel to be their greatest achievement as of yet.

They have already planned many upcoming project to work with Bangladeshi folk music and artists. As well as projects in the Bollywood & Tollywood industry. Their next Big plan is to work with the American Hollywood industry which they are already preparing themselves for. Their Final target to take that expectancy and fuse Bangladesh instruments and music to the world and spread the love of music.


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