New books are a great way to start a New Year


It is the education that our children receive that will carry us into the future

The New Year begins with a most heartwarming sight: 353 million textbooks were distributed to more than 42 million primary and secondary school students during the annual Textbook Festival Day. 

Such an initiative is truly encouraging, and serves to show that perhaps the Ministry of Education is taking its task seriously and believes in education being as inclusive as it can be, with access to every single child that calls this nation its home.

What was doubly encouraging was the presence of textbooks written in various indigenous languages such as Chakma, Marma, Garo, Tripura, and Sadri, further driving the idea of inclusivity home. 

As this new decade begins, we should take this opportunity to renew our focus on the education sector, which has oftentimes not provided the best service to the youth of this nation.

Minister of State for Primary and Mass Education Md Zakir Hossain could not be more right in saying that “there is no substitute for skilled human resource for the country’s economic development” and we hope that the authorities keep this in mind moving forward. 

Education, it must be remembered, is the root on which all true development lies, as it not only ensures that the quality of progress is enhanced, it also ensures that it sustains, as a new generation of skilled people take over the helm in running this country.

It is the education that our children receive that will carry us into the future and we hope that this gift of textbooks to the children is the first among many steps towards providing them with the education they truly deserve.