Michel Karim: The Man Behind Illegal money trafficking

বিদেশে টাকা প্রেরণের ক্ষেত্রে মিশেল করিমের নানানা অনিয়ম

Sabbir Mustafa, Daily Dhaka Times: An allegation was filed saying that almost hundreds of millions Bangladeshi Taka were trafficked to abroad through a company named BG Interactive Limited, which is owned by Michel Karim.

The allegation was, a huge amount of Bangladeshi money was illegally sent abroad by selling foreign software, offering maintenance and providing technical service to the banking sector.

This allegation was mentioned in a recent letter sent to the Chairman of the National Board of Revenue. A relevant source stated that soon NBR will start investigation.

Besides NBR, the copy of the letter was sent to Chairman of Anti-Corruption Commission, Sub Inspector General of Crime Investigation Department (CID) and General Manager of Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit of Bangladesh Bank as well.

It was mentioned in the letter that ‘FDS Global Private Limited’ in Singapore, ‘Fortress Data Service’ in Indonesia, ‘FDS Bangladesh Limited’ and ‘FDS Services Limited’ in Bangladesh; these 4 companies are selling foreign banking software, providing maintenance, and technical services.

The companies that are mentioned above are directed by Raju Durwani, Kazi Moshiur Rahman, Chpwdhury Fakhruddin Mahmud Siddiki and Rayhan Uddin Sarkar in Bangladesh. And these organizations are providing services of foreign software to Prime Bank Limited, Exim Bank Limited and Mercantile Bank Limited.

These companies are operating their business in different countries around the world. Hence, it was requested to investigate if these companies are maintaining the rules and regulations properly of the several countries where they are established, and if any other countries have allegations against these companies.

It was mentioned in the letter that Raju Durwani is a foreign citizen and he is the Director of ‘FDS Bangladesh Limited Company’. It was told to investigate whether Raju Durwani has the permission by Bangladesh Investment Development Authority to do business and job in Bangladesh, and whether he is paying tax regularly according to the notices of NBR. And it is also said that to investigate whether this foreign software is operated by following the regulations of Bangladesh Bank or not.

It was also told to examine if there are any irregularities or indiscipline in selling banking software, technical services, yearly maintenance and other formalities. And whether they paying tax properly or not.

Meanwhile, in a picture that we received is showing that a company named BG Interactive Limited is helping in trafficking hundred millions of Bangladeshi Taka to abroad. Generally, the company owned by Michel Karim, this company helps those 4 organizations in trafficking the money.

A close source revealed that Michel Karim has a restaurant in Banani without any legal license. The Law Enforcement Agency came to know that illegal alcohol and drugs are available there. There was a gesture that proper steps against this illegal business would be taken soon.


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