Messaging app `Alapon’ launched for public servants

Alapon appDaily Dhaka Times/Bss : Bangladeshi Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday launched Viber-like ‘instant messaging app’ for some 14 lakh government officials which is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in intercommunication of government officials.

A revolutionary change in intercommunication between the government officials is going to take place in the country as an “instant messaging app” has been introduced for them.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated the app named “Alapon” at the outset of the cabinet meeting held at Bangladesh Secretariat today after talking with the deputy commissioner of Barisal.

Briefing reporters after the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam said the new app is like the popular app “Viber” and no fee or charge would be needed for using the app. “It’s also ‘reliable’ and ‘secure’,” he said.

Alam said Information and Communication Technology Division has developed the app for 14 lakh government officials to reach the government services to the people’s doorsteps.
The cabinet secretary said the journey of Digital Bangladesh envisioned by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina started on in full swing with formation of the government led by Bangladesh Awami League in 2009.

“The initiative was taken as part of its aim of developing Bangladesh as a technology-based modern digital country,” he said.

The present government, he said, has been working relentlessly to reach various public services to the doorsteps of the people side by side with building digital infrastructure in the last seven and a half years.

The overall activities of the government officials have been increased to many times in this gigantic task, and the app (Alapon) has been developed to make these activities dependable and faster.

Alam said the new app has already been unveiled in the IOS and Google Play Store, and all government officials could download it using their NID number and mobile number they provided during the pay fixation.

He said the officials of the republic could hold talks among themselves and hold group discussion (chat and group chats) and group conference, make conversation and video conversation (voice and video call), send message and exchange official files, while their location could also be known using the app.
All kinds of communication would be easier as mobile number of any specific official could be collected after going to “advanced search” option of the app, the cabinet secretary said.

Besides, he said, all security systems have been incorporated in the app so that none can hinder the security of the intercommunication medium of the government officials easily.

“The app is unique than the existing apps as it would need less bandwidth, charge and space,” he said, adding the government money would also be saved as there is no need of additional charge except internet cost.


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