Mahabub Hasan from MAX IT is going to hire 100 Software Developer

Mahabub Hasan from MAX IT is going to hire 100 Software Developer
Mahabub Hasan from MAX IT is going to hire 100 Software Developer

In Bangladesh, software development can be recognized widely with the rapid success of the IT sector. There are plenty of young entrepreneurs working in this sector, Mahabub Hasan is one of them who is the CEO of MAX IT. At the starting of his career, he started with website development then he focused on e-commerce, affiliate business. Now he is working with software development as a business. Mahabub Hasan, a young entrepreneur is announcing to hire 100 software developers soon for his company. So, the journey as a young entrepreneur Mahabub Hasan told about his past how he started, and also what his plan further with Daily Dhaka Times.

Daily Dhaka Times: We want to know your story of being an entrepreneur?

Mahabub Hasan: Actually, I had no certain plan to be an entrepreneur. My career has been started with a profession of Journalist of a random newspaper. After passing some days there, I realized that I am not learning anything from my current profession. So, I decided to leave the job, and then I was working as a software developer. Surprisingly, I was realizing that as an employer I am unable to use my talent and hard work accurately. Then I thought I have to start a business where I can utilize my talent and hard work in a proper way.

Daily Dhaka Times: From which perception you have come to the IT sector? What are those problems you have faced?

Mahabub Hasan: From my childhood, I always think that I will do something, I will be an entrepreneur, I will be among the richest ones, I will be a Superhero or Superman. I didn’t make my dreams die. I was always cherishing those dreams in my heart. Uncertainty never breaks my confidence and I was not so that afraid who thinks that a job is better because of certain money rather than to be an entrepreneur. I did many things to become an entrepreneur which takes me to failure still I tried again and again. Some people go abroad just because of getting a secure job, some are committed suicide after facing a betrayal trap whenever they started a business but I was not one of them. I took risks, if it is giving me the taste of life, making me free from slavery then where is the problem of being feared? We all know that; Rome is not made over one day similarly success needs time to come forward. Many of us don’t understand the easy thing easily. So, I started an IT business and I am implementing my dreams day by day. I faced many difficulties when I started but I face all of those problems calmly and confidently.

Daily Dhaka Times: Why choose this sector among others?

Mahabub Hasan: Well, you have to make a strong mentality for being a hard worker, before that some people make decisions to be an entrepreneur and usually made many mistakes and from using their mistakes some company making their profit. I just didn’t give that chance to anyone and that’s why I am here to serve with many IT services. Maybe, you have the wish but you don’t have the capabilities, I will try to make your wish comes true. Always I am launching brand new ideas so, no I can think widely rather than before.

Daily Dhaka Times: Are the responses to the mark of your expectation? What about the possibilities?

Mahabub Hasan: We Bangali people are suffocating with the fewer tries. We are not passionate for the long run about anything. Even we some people don’t have the patience for a while to sit relax. If there is a way to give a Nobel prize of being extremely curious about anything, I believe we the Bangalies will be winners. Bangali people are curious about the lamp post on the roadside, can you imagine that? I just wanted to be different from them. Wherever I go I got the responses. Especially the young people appreciate me a lot.

Daily Dhaka Times: Who are your idols?

Mahabub Hasan: I want to start with the saying of Mario-Cuomo, there are only two rules for being successful: one, figure out exactly what you want to do, and two, do it. I always try to maintain it. But I want to mention one name who is my inspiration for being a young entrepreneur. He is Junaid Ahmed Palak, in March 2016 he got the ‘World Economic Forum’ award as a young leader of 2016. I also have some dream-like him and I always be encouraged by how he become successful. Lastly, I want to conclude by saying one thing that, Mark Zuckerberg told that, ‘I had a dream and I always have faith in that. I just love to do the work I have done even if Facebook get fail to the world still, I would love it. Life needs a dream and you should be in love with your dream. I love my dream and I also love to take on challenges.

Daily Dhaka Times: How you managed your capitals and what about your marketing policy?

Mahabub Hasan: I can remember that after coming to Dhaka I was a journalist and that profession changed my thinking. Then I was a web developer and I did outsourcing and there I had a good rating. That was my capital if you consider. Primarily I invested 6-7 lacs that was all my savings as I didn’t get any kind of help from any bank. But those were not my limitations. Taking a loan in the IT sector is not easy nowadays, but I didn’t stop myself. I just wanted to reach the common community and that was my marketing policy.

Daily Dhaka Times: As a new entrepreneur where he makes mistakes and what are your suggestions to them?

Mahabub Hasan: Well, we all know that most of them are suffering from self-confidence. They thought that they may not have the capabilities to be an entrepreneur or they don’t expect it. In this era, anyone can have the capability to be an entrepreneur. Being dependable only on one source of income reducing the chances of being an entrepreneur. If you are with the wrong people you will be not the gainer than the loser. An entrepreneur always tries to collaborate with those who are aim concerned. A delighted person is always making their surroundings delighted. No one wants to take the risks and it is not possible to do 100% accurately always but while taking risks one should have self-confidence. It is mandatory to take big risks in life because there is no ultimate gain in less risk. If you just working hard for earning money then you will not get the power and prestige, but if money flowing for you, you will get all of them. You will control. It is easy to do work instead of hard work. We always learn that but if we have some money and make it work then a person can be a rich one. At the end of we all want to be rich men; we want to spend a good life with our beloved ones but that will be true when you will ignore the negativity from you and also remove the complexity. A positive attitude will take you on the road to success. Those who become demotivated can’t continue towards the road. The thing is, an entrepreneur does not escape from failures, they actually learn from it. Those who fail to be an entrepreneur they actually take their failure as their destiny; they don’t learn anything from it. Entrepreneurs always learn from their mistakes so that they can’t make the same mistake again future.

Daily Dhaka Times: What is your further plan/plans?

Mahabub Hasan: I want to make a revolution in the software development sector in Bangladesh. We do researches working with new ideas and try to do work with the results of them. In abroad the demand of software ae huge. As per the demand, we have opened some offices. For expanding our services, we want a big software community. Soon I am going to hire 100 Software Developers at my company. I believe that my business value will be increase and will be praised by the person both in my country and abroad.

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