Let’s save lives, not endanger them further


We must protect and properly equip those who are fighting this battle day in and day out

There can be no doubt that doctors, nurses, and other health care workers are at the front lines of the battle against coronavirus. At trying times like these, many of them are nothing short of heroes, and for that, they deserve to be applauded.

But these health care professionals, however admirable they may be in their work ethic, are not invulnerable, and are therefore at a much greater risk than others of getting infected by Covid-19, as such, they are potentially “super spreaders.” And since those working day and night to help us could also, unknowingly, also endanger patients further, there can simply be no leeway in the protection provided for doctors.

This newspaper has already editorialized several times about the need to take care of those who take care of us. This is true on multiple levels. Doctors need to be well to be able to do their jobs well, but also, whether they are exhibiting symptoms or not, we must make sure doctors do not become carriers. Otherwise, our efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19 through social distancing, quarantining, and mandatory lockdowns will be in vain.

The rate of infection about health care professionals is around 15%, and there can be little doubt that this percentage could be brought down through the use of adequate protective gear. Sub-standard PPEs are being distributed, according to several reports, and recently there was a story which exposed the fact that a facility did not even have an in-house infectious disease specialist.

If any progress is to be made at all in this pandemic, first and foremost we must protect and properly equip those who are fighting this battle day in and day out.