Kuwait once again bans Bangladeshi workers

 It said the interior ministry took the decision on Monday.

Undersecretary Assistant for Citizenship and Passports Affairs Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah made the decision after viewing ‘statistics which showed that the number of the Bangladeshi community in Kuwait reached 200,000 as of the end of last week’, says the report published on Wednesday.

kuetKuwait Times said Mazen did not give details on whether they would reconsider the decision or would announce more conditions to regulate the recruitment.

According to the Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training in Bangladesh, Kuwait started hiring Bangladeshi workers in 1976. Until 2007, around 480,000 workers have gone there.

Kuwait stopped recruiting Bangladeshi workers in 2007 after ‘detecting irregularities in recruitment and their involvement in illegal activities’.

In 2014, Kuwait agreed to resume hiring workers from Bangladesh.

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