Interview: Sunny Leone on love, life and family


sunny-leoneDaily Dhaka Times: Sunny Leone was in an exclusive Video Hangout with TV Times on recently. Here is a transcript of what Sunny had to say on love, life, controversies, television and films she has worked on. Interview published on Times of India.

Sunny Leone was the most googled celebrities in India in 2014 year and past three years consecutively, beating Priyanka Chopra, Narendra Modi, Aishwarya Rai and many other celebrities. Did you know that you were the most googled celebrity? How does it feel?

Sunny: I read it in the paper and I was really happy. It is like I never believe it till I see it. It is an exciting moment and I thank my fans for being so supportive. People might not love me or they think this or that about me, they say so many different things. They have set a bench mark for me.

You became a household name with Bigg Boss. Suddenly everybody wanted to know more about you. How it happened was also every interesting. Tell us about your experience in Bigg Boss? You entered mid-series and you went almost to the end.

Sunny: Yes, I was there for about six weeks. When I entered the show, I thought I would not be able to stay here for more than one week, two weeks maximum and then I will be sent home. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I read how big the Bigg Boss show was. I read how much viewers like this show. I didn’t realize till I didn’t step out of the house. And also, as each week passed I imagined in my mind that there must be something good going outside. Otherwise, they must have kicked me out of the show. It is not easy being in that house but it really changed my life for better and I am really happy about that.’

When that moment came, when Mahesh Bhatt entered the Bigg Boss house and handpicked you for a movie, what was going in your mind?

Sunny: Hahah! Firstly, in the confession room I looked him and I had no idea who he was. Her daughter, Pooja, was directing it. And she really wanted me in her movie and I was like ‘yeah yeah, this is all not true’! I thought this was just for television during Bigg Boss. When I met him again, they had a contract for me. So, it was real. That was the moment when I was like WOW! I am getting a chance to make my first movie, the thing which I always wanted to do my entire life. And, it was extremely a happy moment. I can’t be more thankful to Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and also Pooja for putting me in her movie.

And then there has been a kind of no looking back for you with the TV shows that you are doing and films you are working on. Did you think the journey would be like this?

Sunny: Never in million years, I didn’t imagine all this, I didn’t expect all this. I know that whatever I do, I will work harder and I will try my best. But, I didn’t know that I will move all the way across the country will land up to Mumbai, India. And I am always thankful for what all I have got here and every day I learn something new. Every single day, something amazing happens. But when sometimes something doesn’t go well like any movie which doesn’t do good or any media person catches me and ask something which hurts me.. these things actually are not good. I believe in Karma. I believe good things come to you if you are true and honest to yourself. I am pretty fortunate. I feel really good that I have so amazing people in my life. I got those opportunities which I never imagined.

How are you responsible for everything that is going wrong in India? This is something which I am dying to ask you.

Sunny: I have no idea. I never preached anything, I never said anything, and I never said to follow my path. It is actually quite astonishing. Those who are trying to push me down, they want to punch me or kick me whatever they are trying to do, I just want to tell them that no need to spread so much negativity. And all those people who all are saying all this, if they will come up to me and will ask to help their community then I will be the first person to call the press and help them. I will clean up their neighborhood, plant more trees. I don’t think so saying wrong things about me will keep them healthy. Help and make people happy rather than degrading and making them feel bad. We are living in the world of hatred, let’s spread some love. I don’t know why always I am targeted.

Why do you think all this happens?

Sunny: Obviously, they are getting what they want; everybody prints their words in their newspaper. Everybody puts it on TV. and somewhere media highlights them.

How you deal with this negativity? How do you stay focused?

Sunny: My husband and I talk about everything, about every negative thing which is going on about me. But we actually can’t do anything about it if anybody is saying anything about me. At the end of the day, if they physically hurting us, if they are threatening my life or my husband’s life then it is a different story. We can’t have control on their words. I know that my husband and I really work hard so we have to stay focused for our work. I am here to follow my dream, there are so many people who are here to make my dream come true then obviously I have to stay focused.

What are your suggestions to have a fabulous and glowing skin like you have?

Sunny: Well I do believe, if you feel good then you look good. There are people out there who have different types of body who always want to try something new. One should eat well. When one eats good food then it automatically reflects on your face and on your body. One should not drink alcohol, should not do drugs and should not smoke as you are giving something unhealthy to your body which will affect you. Then your mind will start feeling unhealthy and if you don’t do all this then your mind, heart and your body will feel better. One should exercise regularly, can do just for twenty minutes daily or just for three days in a week. Whatever that makes you happy. Eating really well, don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t do drugs and don’t take alcohol in excess. And when you are picking up your products, select them according to your skin. Don’t use any product that has ingredients which will break your skin. It also about applying clean products on your face. And if you want to take care of your face, say no to fried food. No more French fries, no more pizza. That will actually show on your face. And I am sure, if you will stop eating all this nonsense for just one week, you will see a new face.

How comfortable are you speaking in Hindi?

Sunny: Main har roz hindi bolti hoon (I speak Hindi everyday). It is just that you guys speak a lot in English with me that’s why I speak a lot of English in back. I am very comfortable speaking in Hindi, the only time when I am not comfortable speaking in Hindi is the time when I leave India for a week or ten days. No one speaks with me in Hindi in USA and then when I come back, I find it a bit difficult but then again within a week, I get comfortable.


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