In the hands of the youth


Moving forward, Bangladesh must do better for its youth

When it comes to Bangladesh’s future development, there is little doubt that the youth will have to play a major role.

To that end, it is good to see organizations such as Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC) who earlier this week organized a unique youth carnival dedicated to young entrepreneurs of Bangladesh in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the NGO Affairs Bureau.

Initiatives such as this are what we need from all our organizations, ones that encourage and empower our youth to innovate and generate ideas for the future.

While the chief focus of the carnival was on entrepreneurial ideas, there were also mental health counselling sessions and information on higher education — this holistic approach is certainly very encouraging.

While it is encouraging to see the involvement of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, more is needed from the authorities and relevant stakeholders when it comes to preparing our youth for the future challenges our country will face.

It is unfortunate that Bangladesh is yet to truly capitalize on the demographic dividend it is currently experiencing, and the dwindling youth employment rate of the country is indeed a cause for concern and an ominous sign moving forward.

Moving forward, Bangladesh must do better for its youth. This will include more skills-based and vocational training, along with more diversity in the higher education curriculum and instilling belief and confidence.

For a country that is experiencing such impressive economic growth, it cannot afford to let its youth population lag behind.